james murphy lcd soundsystemWe mentioned a while back that LCD Soundsystem are releasing a new album – well, what usually happens is that a new LP is accompanied by a tour, and that’s exactly what the fuzzy edged Mr. Martin has revealed on the LCD Soundsystem myspace page blog.

basically, we’re back. and going on tour in a few months.  so we’re packing up our lives and getting progressively better at packing light and working with airmiles, etc.  and i guess gathering gear and practice and all the other crap that comes with putting on this broadway musical called “lcd soundsystem” (jazz haaands!).

otherwise it’s the same.  i (james) miss playing live a bit, which means it was a GOOD idea to take an extra year between these records.  now i can finally get rid of that pesky life i was living and actually live from april on in either a bus, plane, stage or hotel room.  sometimes i can go out to eat, too.
um, so…  we’re going on tour.

Great news, as far as we’re concerned – dates below, more details on venues here.

16 Apr 2010      20:00    lcd soundsystem     indio, California
20 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     dublin
21 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     dublin
23 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     london
24 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     london
24 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     birmingham
27 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     leeds
28 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     glasgow
29 Apr 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     glasgow
1 May 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     manchester
2 May 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     bristol
4 May 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     amsterdam
5 May 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     brussels
8 May 2010     20:00    lcd soundsystem     paris