The music streaming service is creating “virtual hangouts” where artists can chill, play music, and host events.

Napster have revealed the launch of their virtual world where artists and fans can come together. In partnership with tech firm TerraZero, Napster’s “virtual hangouts” aim to make the metaverse more accessible for the average user.

They will allow artists to create their own personalised virtual spaces. Here people will be able to come to join them to check out their space and hang out for a unique connection. Artists will be able to showcase things like exclusive music and put on virtual shows.

There are also options to monetise the virtual space. Artists will be able to generate revenue by the sale of physical and digital merchandise from their virtual hangout.

Napster CEO, Jon Vlassopulos said: “”Previously these kinds of virtual metaverse style worlds have only been available within platforms like Fortnite and Roblox but now anyone will be able to access these fun, engaging artist hangouts straight from their browser.”

Their first artist partnership kicks off with Ric Wilson. His space allows fans to chat together, explore the virtual environment designed by Wilson, and listen to his music. Ric Wilson will be debuting a new single live within the hangout.

Vlassopulos adds: “Ric Wilson’s virtual hangout is the first example of what our partnership with TerraZero will deliver in 2024 as we look to roll out the ability for any artist on Napster to have their own virtual hangout space to connect with their fans directly, unlocking new revenue streams and ways for artists to express themselves creatively.”

Ric Wilson’s hangout will be the first of more to come in 2024. Wilson said himself: “Ahh man, I’m super excited about this, shoutout to Jon and the Napster team. They’re clearly committed to shaking things up in the music world. They are giving artists and their supporters something fresh with these virtual hangouts.”

Jon Vlassopulos joined Napster as CEO in 2022. He left his role at Roblox after three years in which he oversaw their work in integrating artists into the metaverse. This is clearly where his skills lie, and is largely his ambition for Napster after taking on the lead role.

TerraZero Technologies are leading the development of the Intraverse Technology Platform for Napster’s artists. TerraZero Technologies CEO, Dan Reitzik said: “Napster has always been the original innovator in the music space so partnering to bring immersive virtual experiences to life that leverage our Intraverse Technology Platform for their millions of users, made complete sense.”

Reitzik continues: “Ric Wilson is a fantastic artist to represent our first foray together in delivering online virtual hangouts to music fans on a leading music DSP and the best part is we’re just getting started.”

You can checkout Ric Wilson’s hangout now.