grooveshark 2The world has just about bypassed the era of being on the cusp of everything going digital. The resulting climate now is one of fierce competition of companies and developers trying to out do each other and re-invent themselves.

The vision of is to bring people and music closer together by making the whole process of finding the song you want that much easier. Whilst doing their bit to change the way the music industry is run to ways they seem so unwilling to consider. offers ways for listening to the old classics or the most up-todate numbers without having to worry about those ugly file sharing sites that seem to be nipping at everyone’s feet.

Grooveshark over the last few months have been successfully talking to a confident amount of copyright holders about licensing agreements and to distribute their content in a way that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

In a nutshell, Grooveshark seems to be the sort ofgrooveshark website that hundreds, probably thousands, of music fans have dreamed of. Easy, Legal and free way of just quickly sticking on that song that that girl told you about last night, or an awesome song you want your mates to hear. is a music site made for music fans by music fans. Sam Tarantino (founder anc CEO) and Douglas Bell (Network and systems administrator) themselves are both musician and are obviously the kind of people that now what people want, and as genuine music fans know what music fans want. But the difference is they have gone and made it happen.

We love you keep up the good work.

Disclosure: Grooveshark is a partner of RouteNote