Micheal Jackson fans have been split 50/50 on whether or not that they feel the late pop star is actually dead or not! Some of his fans are convinced he is thanks to a Larry King interview with a supposed best friend of Micheal Jackson, Dave Dave (who we’ve never heard of), who claims that the star was like a father to him and took him in after a tragic burn accident during the eighties.

The evidence is quite strong to suggest that the star could be masquerading as “Dave Dave”. Have a look at the interview.

Myself, i’m not convinced, but it is compelling. Dave tells of how he would regularly visit Michaels house and enjoy video games, which, in Dave’s opinion, was quite rare for Micheal, which we know thanks to countless court cases, that it is nothing out of the ordinary, quite the opposite. Not to mention the (some say purpose built) never-land ranch in the back garden. And no disrespect to Michael, there is nothing quite like a death to clear one’s debts.

On-top-of the chilling sound of Dave’s voice when he begins to speak, which, lets face it if you had your eyes closed could quite easily be him. The other explanation is that Dave is Micheal’s friend and Micheal is in fact dead.

But i can’t shake (and i’m almost embarrassed to suggest because it’s so far fetched) the feeling that some-one out there, some obsessed fan, has tried to leak and instigate the rumour and have a few sick minute’s of fame buy sticking on his best Michael Jackson voice and leading us to believe he could be him. Make up your own mind. I think not.