Metatron – Not Anything Like a Transformer (apart from maybe Starscream) ran a developer competition to build audio plug-ins/applications, the prize fund being donated by users and split among the winners: The Metatron synth didn’t even make it into the top ten, but the name alone has surely got to earn it a place in your VST folder [no Metatron is not a transformer].

Here’s what it does:

Metatron is a 2 oscillator phase synth with an arpeggiator that works alongside a gated modulation sequencer for creating unique rythmic patterns and sounds.  The oscillator section uses waveforms that double up to create a phasing effect similar to pulse width for each waveform. This along with a powefull unison detune section and ring modulator give Metatron a rich, fat sound. With the addition of versatile graphical envelopes, LFO’s and other modulation options, Metatron becomes an instrument that can create complex sounds, but at the same time keeps things simple without trying to do everything, making it a perfect ‘go to’ synth for one-finger basslines, rhythmic techno leads, spacey gated pads and other creative arpeggiated sequences.

Go check it out, and drop something in their prize-fund donation box!

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