Image Credit: Kieran Webber

A Glimmer of Hope That We Will Be Drinking Overpriced Ciders And Dancing In The Mud in 2021

The President of Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company, has said that he feels “very good” about the prospect of live music returning next summer. 

Joe Berchtold said that he can see “with much greater clarity” what the path to the return to live music looks like. 

“We start to see with much greater clarity what the path to return to live is, and certainly a lot of confidence about that return to live,” Berchtold explained in a CNBC interview (watch here).

He added “In the key U.S./Western European markets, it continues to be our expectation that by next summer, we’re back with our major outdoor shows — our amphitheaters here in the U.S., festivals globally. We’ll be able to do those shows.”

His comments echo those of Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, who in a memo to staff said: “We remain confident that fans will return to live events when it is safe to do so.” He continues “Our expectations for a robust outdoor summer season in 2021 are also reinforced by the two-thirds of fans keeping their tickets for canceled festivals so they can go to next year’s show, along with strong early ticket sales for festivals in the UK next summer.”

Although Live Nation seems positive on the return other key music figures are less hopeful. Back In July Lollapalooza co-founder Marc Geiger said he didn’t think gigs and festivals would return until 2022. However, the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine has led Health Secretary Matt Hancock to say: “We’re going to have a summer next year that everybody can enjoy,” continuing, “Between now and then we’ve got to hold our resolve. We passed the tiering arrangements through the Commons with a big majority last night. Let’s all respect the restrictions we have to live our lives in for now.”

In addition to this festivals are gearing up to have mass testing arrangements, something that both Glastonbury and R&L have said to be rolling out for the upcoming festival season. 

All in all it seems that we may be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, get ready folks live music is certainly making a comeback.