Is it a synth? Is it a bike? No, it’s… a synth bike

From the bizarrely brilliant people of YouTube channel LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER comes a brand new kind of synth, a synthesiser built into a bike.

The incredible mobile instrument was built from an old 1973 Raleigh Chopper. The creative minds running the LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER YouTube channel, also responsible for a dartboard synth and tinfoil drum triggers, transformed the old bike into a fully functional, ridable synthesiser.

The transformed bike features a drum machine, sampler, and analog synth built into the front of the bike. The tempo can be tuned manually or set to the bike’s front wheel so that you can control the speed of the beats with your pedalling.

Unfortunately the synth bike is one of a kind, because I would instantly buy it if it were for sale. But you can watch it in action around London in the video above and head to their YouTube channel for plenty more amazing and weird musical experiments.

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