Michael Einziger, the guitarist for Incubus, has created a way for concerts to sound their best wherever in the crowd you are.

When you go to a concert it doesn’t matter how good the band are, you might get a rubbish position resulting in rubbish sound. You paid the same to be there, but your experience is worse than others. Michael Einziger might have the solution.

Einziger is solving this with his new platform – MIXhalo. It takes the benefits of the band into your ears by streaming the audio through a live earpiece instead of the amps, like how bands have a live mix fed into their earpieces to give them a better idea of how they sound. Einziger wants everyone in the audience to have access to quality sound through live earpieces.

With in-ear monitors you can hear a much clearer sound for better quality as well as blocking out external noises that don’t belong in the mix. Whilst this may sound like sacrilege to some who would never want to sacrifice the traditional live experience, those who are less funny may soon have a way to enjoy gigs much more.

Einziger used his own music and tech knowledge combined with the help of his wife – Ann Marie Simpson, CTO Darren LaGroe and Matt Salsamendi. Together they started the company MIXhalo in the hopes of making live music performances around the world even better for concertgoers.

The earpieces would use their own patented WiFi network rather than traditional RF connections used for artists. With their own network they can keep up with streaming audio to giant crowds without issue.

Einziger said: “I saw this as an opportunity to provide a different experience to people going to see a band play, or an artist perform. Because it is a different experience, the way that we’re hearing on-stage than hearing sound echoing around a large venue. It allows the concertgoers to experience something they think they’ve experience many times before in a totally new way.”