Here’s how to prevent favorited songs from being automatically added to your Apple Music library after the iOS 17.2 update.

The recent iOS 17 update brought with it some great features for Apple Music. Whilst listeners celebrate the introduction of collaborative playlists and a playlist for your favorited songs, some complain that they don’t want their music library filled with the songs they favorite.

With iOS 17.2, the update introduced an automatic process. Anytime a user favorites a song or adds a song to a playlist, it gets added to their Apple Music library. This might be exactly what some would want, but there are those for whom it’s creating a mess in their libraries.

How to stop favorite songs automatically going to your Apple Music library

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone
  • Enter the Music settings menu
  • Find Library settings
  • Untick the boxes for Add Playlist Songs and Add Favorite Songs

This will stop songs that you favorite or add to your playlists being added to your library. However, it won’t remove songs previously added to your library automatically.

It’s also worth noting that if you remove songs from your Apple Music library, they will also be removed from favorites and corresponding playlists. You will need to re-favourite and re-add them if you wish to clean your library out after disabling the toggle.

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