If you want a physical copy of your music, you can get it pressed onto a vinyl record. Traditional pressing plants can only handle large runs, generally over 500 copies. One Cut Vinyl specialise in very short runs, capable of producing just one record.

Where you go regarding pressing your vinyl largely depends on the quantity you require. If you require a very short run of pressings, UK based company One Cut Vinyl is a cutting studio that can turn your digital audio into a physical copy without you leaving the house. Short runs are perfect for test copies, a gift or just showing off your own music in a classic fashion. You can even print a mixtape, One Cut Vinyl will help with arranging licensing for commercial tracks.

Note, their pressing method will not produce the best of the best in audio quality. “One Cut Vinyl cuts straight to disc with specially adapted vinyl lathe cutters and analogue outboard. Naturally, physically carving a copy of a digital file onto a durable vinyl disc can never be a 100% perfect transition – so this is not a hi-fidelity, audiophile option.”

One Cut Vinyl will even handle label and sleeve designs. Design templates are ready for you to add your artwork at the correct shape and size. If you’re less design oriented, they can sort sizing out for you. All you need to do is send over an image.

Simple choose your record, pay, send over your files and you’ll receive your record, complete with label and sleeve design in the post. Their calculator on the homepage will let you know exactly how much everything costs, before ordering anything. Sending over audio and designs is handled by a human being, so they’ll let you know if anything sounds or looks off.

One Cut Vinyl Process

Pricing varies depending on the number of records, size, colour, labels, sleeves and shipping location. Generally, the more records you order, the better value-per-record you get.

The calculator will work out how much your specification costs. Records start at around £40 and can go over £150 for one record. For example:

  • £41.74 for one 7″, 1 track, 3 minutes, with blank labels and sleeves
  • £166.28 for one coloured transparent 12″, 6 track, 20 minutes each side, with printed labels and gateford printed card outer sleeve

International shipping (outside the UK) and enhanced mastering cost extra. Orders get cheaper per record as you add more copies. One Cut Vinyl can offer up to six copies (for larger runs, get in contact with One Cut Vinyl). That same £41.74 order above costs £112.26 for six copies – £18.71 per record.

Processing & Shipping

For me (pre-lockdown) from purchasing and sending over files, to receiving the record at the door, it took just under three weeks. Order are currently processing slower than usual due to COVID-19.