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Latin music is the fastest growing in the world

Latin American music is getting more popular with the fastest revenue growth in the world.

Clubhouse adds a new Music Mode with improved audio quality in stereo

Boost the quality of your music streams and jam sessions on social audio app Clubhouse with their new Music Mode.


    I am in the process of completion of my perss release kit and very interested in marketing my music on your site. My first question is ,,, Is Guvera service available to me being that I reside in the US? Will I get the preps as all users of your site? I plan on signing up for Routenote and Guvera, do these 2 sites go hand and hand? How long does it take music to become availabe on itunes and all the other venues? When can I get started. I will be ready to join as soon as I receive a response.

    Thank you

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