Image credit: Google

For those wanting to fill their house with Christmas music, Google share the four steps to maximising festive cheer, with help from their smart speakers.

As December rolled around, Christmas has come out in full force, along with it (as I’m sure retail workers are well aware) holiday music. Here are some tips from Google to streaming music around the house on Google-Assistant enabled smart speakers such as Nest Audio or Google Nest Hub Max. You’ll need at least one Google-Assistant enabled smart speaker and a supported streaming service such as YouTube Music, Spotify and Apple Music.

Step 1. Setup your whole home audio system. Multiple smart speaker owners will be able to fill their entire house with festive music.

Step 2. Head to your streaming service of choice and create the ultimate Christmas playlist with classic holiday movie soundtracks or cheesy pop hits, whatever floats your boat.

Step 3. Use the Google Home app or a smart display to quickly share your music to specific rooms or simply say “Hey Google, play music on all my speakers.”

Step 4. To really annoy the Christmas music haters of the house, create a routine, such as: 5pm every evening, play my Christmas playlist and turn the tree lights on.

You can now stream Christmas music (or 70 million other songs) from Apple Music to Google-Assistant enabled smart speakers or displays.