Google Play Music intend to guide you around the musical history and prevalence of music in various different cities with their first original podcast ‘City Soundtracks’.

Last April Google launched podcasts on their streaming service Google Play Music, bolstering their service with a range of new entertainment. Now Google are launching their first originally created podcasts onto their streaming service and iTunes.

The podcast is called City Soundtracks and it’s concept is pretty self explanatory. In each episode host Hrishikesh Hirway (from the podcast Song Exploder) will explore the legacy music has had in various different cities, joined by different musicians local to each city in every episode, like Kehlani and Big Freedia.

The first 3 episodes of City Soundtracks take place in Austin, Texas with Spoon, New Orleans, LA with Big Freedia, and Oakland, California with Kehlani. Whilst it’s an interesting new area for Google to be entering, creating original podcasts, their softcore launch will likely see the podcast go mostly under the carpet. However with City Soundtracks we could start seeing more original podcasts soon from Google, however it will probably require a certain level of popularity in City Soundtracks to be a viable investment.

The first three episodes of City Soundtracks are available now from Google Play Music and iTunes.