Gibson Enter The Headphone Market With A Pair Of Unique Headphones

Trainer by Gibson

CES saw guitar manufacturer Gibson showcase its ‘Trainer’ headphones, that were developed with the help of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. The standout feature at first glance is the inclusion of two headbands. The extra one is to keep these things secure when using for running or other vigorous exercise. How discrete this secondary band is/how ridiculous you’ll look wearing these is yet to be seen. Luckily the headband can hide away if needed.

While we’re on the topic of running, with a tap on the ear cup, these headphones will dampen the sound at an intersection so you can hear traffic.

For those more extreme workouts, the ear cups are removable and washable, and they shouldn’t die in the rain with splash-proof drivers.

For you night runners who like to run on the road, here’s a tip… don’t wear headphones. If the idea of this clear danger risk doesn’t frighten you, Gibson have included a bright white LED on the cup, that blinks every few seconds.

Expect Gibson to release these to the public in Spring for $240. These headphones on the surface sport a few neat tricks, but seem a little too gimmicky for your average Joe.

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