It’s very likely that you’re as sick as I am by now of just about every artist on the planet announcing that they will be releasing some kind of Christmas song or Christmas album or Christmas themed microwave meal.

Here is one that might actually be worth bothering with and I’m genuinely very excited about, possibly because it’s not got anything to do with Christmas other than the method of its release (all will be explained).

Since the beginning of December the band have been releasing free digital gifts to their fans via an interactive advent calendar. Videos of the band rehearsing (as can be seen atop this post), exclusive wallpapers, it’s all pretty cool stuff and worth checking out.

On the 24th day of the month, a video for a song on the album will be released, with the album being released a present to the fans on the following day.

The album was recorded in October and is to be titled The Fall. It was record on Damon’s iPad and how it’s going to sound is pretty much anyone’s guess.

Please visit the interactive advent calendar website to take a look at what the band are offering. It’s lovely to see more artists using the internet to interact with their fans in fun and intuitive ways, and Gorillaz really have done something exceptional here.

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