First Stage Underground – A Great Opportunity For Electronic Musicians

If you’re an experimental, electronic musician who is struggling to get any serious attention, no matter how many hours you spend hunched at your computer tweeting, facebooking and blogging – may I suggest you pay attention to the article below?

First Stage Underground is the UK’s first and only charity based record label. It works on a very basic and transparent model; you submit your music which they then decide whether or not to promote and release on the label. Any proceeds go to their nominated charity – Cancer Research UK.

Ok, so it won’t make you rich, but if that concerns you then you’ve rather missed the point of this label. The company can already boast a number of success stories and with no commercial interests, they really are free to give a chance to some experimental stuff.

This really is an excellent idea, the label takes music very seriously and is an excellent way to both get your music some exposure with the support of a real record label. All you have to do if you would like your music considered is drop them an email – or visit their SoundCloud dropbox by clicking here.

Take a listen to some of their artists by visiting their SoundCloud or MySpace page. I’ve included some examples below for you to get an idea, and if you think your music would share common ground, please take the time to learn more about this excellent record label.

Jrumhand – Back When by First Stage Underground

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