This weekend the winner of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed and YouTube will be streaming the whole thing live.

The longest running international TV song competition in the world, Eurovision Song Contest, will reveal it’s winner in the finale this Saturday. Just to make sure that you can join in the fun, wherever you are in the world YouTube will live stream the entire finals.

YouTube’s stream of the Song Contest finale last year ended up watched by nearly 2 million people, according to Eurovision. The 2016 Eurovision finale currently holds third place as one of YouTube’s most popular live streams in their streaming history.

The contest finale will be broadcast on Eurovision’s YouTube Channel from this year’s location, Kyiv in Ukraine. The grand finale features music acts from 42 different countries, each of whom must come up with their own song under 3 minutes long that must be sung onstage without live instruments.

This Saturday’s big final for the competition follows 2 separate semi-final rounds where this weekends participants where chosen from all of the participating countries’ acts. As well as live streaming the entire final round, the Eurovision YouTube channel will also feature introductions for contestants, interviews, footage of rehearsals, backstage content and more.

Of all past winners, Celine Dion — who took home the prize in 1988 — has the most views on YouTube today, followed by ABBA (1974), Turkish pop artist Sertab Erener (2003), Russian singer Dima Bilan (2008), and German singer-songwriter Lena (2010).

The competition’s online stream is most popular in Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, and the UK despite these countries streaming the competition on TV. Though to be fair it’s questionably worth watching in Europe, let alone in other countries. The winner of the 62nd annual Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed this Saturday after the votes are counted from viewers and judges.