Which platform pays more YouTube or Spotify?

As an artist having the knowledge as to how much you’re going to make from your music is essential, especially as there are so many different platforms to generate revenue from. Most artists use major services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. However, with YouTube being a video platform most artists will use this platform to release a music video or a lyric video of a single. 

With this in mind, comparing the two in terms of much they payout can be a little difficult. Not to mention that the payout fluctuates a little too. You’ve probably seen that in the past year there have been lots of discussions around the transparency of streaming services and their payouts. So much so, that Spotify released ‘Loud and Clear’, a place that details how it pays out. 

If you distribute your music to YouTube you can expect $0.000069 per stream whilst Spotify pays out $0.0043. So, to earn $1 with YouTube you would need to be streamed 570 times and on Spotify, you would need 229 streams. This seems low but it does add up over time, especially if you distribute independently and maintain all the rights. 

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