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David Guetta has wowed a huge crowd with an AI-generated Eminem vocla take!

As the debate about the impact of AI on the music industry rages on, especially surrounding the recent launch of OpenAI’s Chat GPT, David Guetta surprises us all with a “vocal take” by Eminem in one of his Future Rave tracks. David Guetta recently wowed a huge crowd by using a mixture of technologies to replicate Eminem’s voice, proving how incredible technology now is at replicating the voices of pop artists.

Guetta recently shared a video on Twitter of him playing a song at one of his shows – a track where Eminem gas seemingly performed a vocal line in a build-up. But Eminem’s “voice” was actually constructed using AI technology! 

In the video, you can see a massive crowd dancing along with an unreleased track that features Eminem’s vocals proclaiming “This is the future rave sound / I’m getting awesome and underground.” The video Guetta shared features an interview where he explains how he created the remix with Eminem’s vocals with AI-generation sites.

“Eminem, bro, there’s something that I made as a joke and it works so good — I could not believe it!” he says. “Basically you can write lyrics in the style of any artist you like, so I typed: ‘write a verse in the style of Eminem about future rave,’ and I went to another AI website that can recreate the voice. I put the text in that and I played the record and people went nuts.”

The infamous French DJ has clarified that he will not be releasing the track commercially, a debate that sparked almost immediately in the comments of the video.

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