Image Credit: MusicTech, Kevin Winter/WireImage

Thomas Bangalter, one half of the infamous former duo Daft Punk, is releasing a brand new solo project. His new work will be an orchestral release entitled Mythologies.

MusicTech reports that Mythologies is Thomas’ first musical release since the split of Daft Punk in 2021, and though many artists once belonging to groups go solo – you’re probably thinking of a few already – their music is usually a little more related to that of the groups’. Well, French producer Thomas Bangalter seems to be flipping that script.

Thomas seems to be looking to reinvent himself. After over twenty years of working as one-half of Daft Punk and performing for countless fans all over the globe, it seems to be time for something new for the producer. The release is not a track grounded in electronic music or synthesizers, but it is a fully-fledged orchestral score created for the ballet of the same name.

Initially commissioned in 2019 by the choreographer of the performance, Angelin Preljocaj, the ballet is split into twenty-three scenes, was directed by Romain Dumas, and explores how humankind is shaped by both ancient and modern myths. That explains the title then!

With that said, the specifics of the release are still anyone’s guess. But a statement made by a representative of Bangalter says that the project is very different from the producer’s previous work. The statement continues to say the performance will last approximately 90 minutes, and it will incorporate a more unconventional approach .to composition while showcasing “inspirations from Baroque music and American minimalism”.

The form, the stakes and the creative process involved in Mythologies are all radically different and represent a new stage in Bangalter’s development over the last thirty years of writing, composing and performing music.


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