They’ve been talking about it for over a year, but the wait is finally over. On December 1st, nobody’s favourite band Coldplay will release their much hyped Christmas single ‘Christmas Lights’.

The band have announced on their website that the song is “mid-tempo” and “in the key of G”. Releasing information like that is sure to lead to excited trouser wetting all over the globe. Irresponsible, Chris.

If the excitement is too much for you and holding off until next wednesday simply isn’t an option, at the top of this post you will find a youtube video. It has been taken from Coldplay’s appearance on 60 minutes in 2009, when “World’s most punchable face” contestant Chris Martin, whilst showing off started singing a new song that seems to fit the above description fairly accurately. At the end of the video you’ll hear him boast “that one’s going to be good”.

Yes, 2009, that’s really how long hype has existed about this song. What are the chances it will be a let down, even to the inexplicable millions of Coldplay fans?

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