After a 7 year standoff Warner Music signs a deal with Vevo

Warner Music have made a deal with Vevo after steering clear of the music video platform set up by the 2 other major labels Sony and Universal 7 years ago.

Vevo was set up 7 years ago by 2 of the 3 major labels, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, as Warner Music Group decided to opt-out and traverse the new online world of visual music alone. The music video platform has since laid claim to the majority of major artists, and many smaller ones, and holds ownership of many music channels on YouTube.

Rumours arose that Warner were making an agreement with Vevo as the labels re-united to oppose YouTube, claiming it’s payout for music on the video site were unfairly low. Those rumours have now been confirmed and Warner Music has signed a licensing agreement with Vevo to distribute certain music videos on Vevo’s own video site and mobile app. The deal curiously omits YouTube, meaning WMG still holds full ownership of their music videos on YouTube.

Vevo’s CEO Erik Huggers said of the deal: “Today marks an important milestone for Vevo as we forge a new relationship with Warner Music Group based on a shared vision of putting artists first and creating a platform that does justice to the music. We’re excited to partner with Warner Music and bring their artists’ content to life through our new mobile and web experiences and across a range of our programming.”

CEO of Warner Music Group, Steve Cooper added: “Erik and his team continue to evolve their service and bring to life a new vision for Vevo. We’re pleased to have built a flexible and mutually beneficial relationship that will bring additional creative and commercial possibilities to our artists and songwriters. This partnership is the latest in a recent series of deals that are helping us explore ways to unlock the true value of music videos in attracting and engaging vast audiences.”

A partnership with the world’s third major label is a massive step for Vevo, especially as they approach the release of a subscription service that they hope will solidify them as their own platform and draw people to their content outside of YouTube. There’s currently no set date for the launch of Vevo’s subscription service but it’s expected it could come before the end of the year.

Warner Music partner with Vadio music video platform

Following rumours that Warner Music are closing a deal with Vevo they’ve agreed a partnership with another music video service – Vadio.

Vadio announced on Wednesday that they’ve signed a content agreement with Warner Music Group, giving them access to WMG’s music videos. The music video platform has amassed over 80 partners for video streaming but Warner marks their first major label.

Warner Music Group’s executive counsel of business affairs, strategic and digital initiatives Ron Wilcox said: “Vadio provides a smart service that gives partners quick and easy access to our artists’ content, within a ready-to-go video platform. Vadio’s extensive distribution network of video channels expands the potential for Warner Music artists to connect with new fans, while creating new revenue streams on our artists’ behalf.”

Vadio have partnered with other popular video services like Vizio,, MetroLyrics, Virgin Radio Italy and others. Vadio offers partners methods to curate, monetise and track their video content online.

Vadio’s CEO, Bryce Clemmer said: “We pride ourselves on empowering new business models that create new revenue streams for content creators and media partners. For that reason, we are very excited about our partnership with Warner Music Group. We believe video will get integrated into every digital media destination. Therefore we are making it possible for artists, brands, and media partners to deliver high quality videos by making Warner’s video library viewable across large scale consumer experiences.”

This deal comes curiously soon after rumours were abound that Warner are making a deal with Vevo, the giant video streaming platform formed by Universal and Sony. Warner were the only major label to opt out of starting Vevo, choosing to explore the online video marketplace independently.

If Warner do choose to partner with Vevo the platform will house all of the world’s biggest artists music videos. The deal would reportedly require Warner’s videos to remain independent on YouTube, not part of Vevo.

This doesn’t really infringe on Vevo’s plans who, despite having made the majority of their popularity on YouTube, wish to start promoting their own platform and draw people to their music videos there, rather than on YouTube. Vevo are planning to launch a subscription service later this year to bolster their platform even more.

Apple Music videos now stream free on mobile data with T-Mobile’s Binge On

T-Mobile’s Binge On plan allows you to stream a bunch of video services for free on mobile data, Apple Music’s been included for a while but now so are their videos.

T-Mobile are regularly adding new services to their Binge On and Music Freedom plans that allow mobile users to stream certain music and video streaming services for free on mobile data.. With all the major music streamers like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more included and video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix already included it would seem like there are no services left to add, but T-Mobile are still adding more.

Among the new video services being added to the video plan, ‘Binge On’, are Apple Music’s videos. Apple Music is already included through Music Freedom but Apple also have a bunch of video content available through their music streaming service. Videos available on Apple Music include a load of music videos but also original content like a collaborative documentary series with Vice as well as an upcoming new series of Carpool Karaoke which Apple just recently purchased.

Binge On has been a hit since it launched just 8 months ago, having added over 100 video streaming services to the plan. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere said: “Over 100 streaming services on board in just eight months and 765 million hours of video streamed data-free so far. Binge On’s popularity with consumers and video providers is amazing!”

As well as videos included on Apple Music, T-Mobile have also added ABC, Disney, DISH Anywhere, FOX NOW, NAT GEO TV, CEEK VR, D-PAN.TV (a sign language channel), DramaFever, Shalom World, and even a few more to Binge On yesterday.

Vevo give a lick of paint to their apps as paid subscription offering moves closer to launch

As Vevo move closer to launching their first subscription offering they’ve taken notes out of music streamers to give their app some new touches

It’s expected that later this year Vevo will launch a subscription tier of their giant music video service, offering ad-free viewing with the potential for exclusive content like actual programmes. With a refresh to their iOS and Android apps Vevo look to be creating a more appealing platform before launching their paid option.

The update allows users to create profiles with which they can share their music tastes with friends and those who view their profile. On the app’s Feed you can now preview featured videos in portrait as well as landscape in a full-screen video showing you the song, artist, and it’s likes as well as which of your friends liked that video. It’s been designed well so that it still looks gorgeous in portrait view despite not being able to fit the full video in the screen.

Vevo update subscription service application

Vevo have been smart with the addition of human curated offerings, taking a leaf out of popular music streaming services where machine and human curation has become massively important as a unique selling point. Vevo have got a bunch of high profile music-persons to present curated offerings, including Stereogum’s Scott Lapatine and Rap Radar’s Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller.

Vevo are also bringing original content in a partnership with The Fader magazine to create unique video content with artists. Going in on a full charm-offensive of new offerings Vevo have also hired three hosts to present short-form videos and create unique playlists: Drewsky, Lizzy Plapinger, and Julz Goddard.

To give their music video service a personalised feel Vevo are using machine learning to create playlists based on what users are listening to, offering similar artists and tracks. They plan to continue improving on this element over time and it is offered alongside Dscvr, Vevo’s offering of content aimed directly at users’ specific tastes.

All their new additions are a sign of Vevo’s move to becoming an established service of it’s own. So far it has built it’s notoriety by releasing music videos through YouTube where the majority of major artists you see come under a Vevo channel. Now Vevo want to strike out on their own and make their own service the true home for the best, expansive library of music videos.

There is still no timeframe for when Vevo plan to launch their paid offering but it’s expected to release later this year.

Chosen’s video app now has over 20 million songs to create clips from

Chosen launched last year as a video app designed to showcase the musical talents of strangers around the world and get them recognised. As is often the case with these sorts of the apps however, the users had different plans for the app.

The app became a place to share short video clips with friends and others, thanks in part to an investment by Ellen DeGeneres that lead to a video challenge segment used by Ellen in her show. This lead to massive popularity for the app but took it completely away from it’s roots of displaying individual’s musical abilities.

Now, with the popularity of similar app that’s found notoriety for it’s music video dubbing,  Chosen are branching back into the music side. Chosen have added samples of over 20 million songs to their app so that you can create music videos or dub yourself singing the song.Chosen application music update video Ellen DeGeneres

Chosen CEO David Hyman said that younger generations experience music in a different way, finding appeal in interaction and creation. He notes that older generations are more passive in their music experiences, like listening to streaming services. Hyman added that he hopes Chosen could one day be a platform for music discovery.

In another example of Chosen’s recognition of popular culture, they’re planning to add a feature that allows users to impose images over their videos using facial recognition technology – like Snapchat’s popular filters feature.

The update was added today to both the iOS and Android versions. You can download Chosen from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.’s new app jumps to No.1 in app store

Almost a week after fully launching the new live streaming app it  rockets to the top of the app store charts.

The live streaming app comes from the popular open platform that helps users create their own music videos. With their first major expansion they’ve launched an app that allows users to broadcast themselves in real time to the platform.

It was rolled out to select users initially but was expanded to their full userbase last Thursday and has since achieved 500,000 downloads and shot to number 1 on the Apple App Store. When we first reported on’s launch we were sceptical as to how it may perform due to live streaming’s prevalence with major competitors like YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and others, but it’s clearly been a hit. CEO, Alex Zhu said: “We want to thank the community for embracing as an exciting new platform and canvas for creativity and self-expression. The fact that this comes almost one year after hit on the same chart makes the news even more exciting.”

livestream application iOS has a long way to go if it’s to reach the success of it’s predecessor, which has been downloaded an incredible 100+ million times since launcing just last year. TechCrunch reported last month that the company were looking to raise $100 million in funding, for a valuation of roughly $500 million. Whether this would be for further expansion into new markets or to bolster their already successful mobile platforms is unknown and will hopefully be seen if this round of funding goes through.

You can download on iOS, Android, and Amazon. You can also download only on iOS currently.

Entries now open for the 9th UK Music Video Awards

Bringing together the best of music and visual art, the UK Music Video Awards have begun accepting video entries from the UK and worldwide.

The 2016 UK Music Video Awards are underway with their metaphorical doors open for artists and filmmakers around the world to submit their visual counterparts to music, or music videos.

The awards aren’t inclusive and allow anyone from creative indies to major label, globally renowned artists to put themselves up for consideration. The awards ceremony aims to recognise the work and art behind the best music videos of the past 12 months in a way that no other awards ceremonies do.

The UK Music Video Awards editorial director, David Knight said: “With music videos playing such a huge role in how music reaches people now, the UKMVAs provides an important platform for recognising the incredible range of talent involved in making them.

“Music video has always been a playground for up and coming filmmakers, and a creative space for visual ideas. It can incorporate all kinds of filmmaking, and it can also have its very own film language. In music videos, as in music, anything goes. It just has to work. The UKMVAs is here to celebrate the work that does exactly that.”

The awards feature over 30 categories including: Direction, production, camera work, animation, post-production, Best Music Documentary, Best Live Music Coverage and many others. The UKMVA will stop accepting submissions on the 2nd of August.9th music video ceremony art

The ninth annual UK Music Video Awards will take place on the 20th of October at the Roundhouse in Camden, London.

YouTube Red have bought their first big series based on the Step Up film series

A spin-off series based on the hit dance film series Step Up will be YouTube’s first big budget show for their paid service.

YouTube Red, YouTube’s recently introduced paid subscription tier, has been rolling out various bits of original content exclusively on their new subscription service since February this year. The YouTube Red originals have so been varied but rooted in YouTube’s creator driven origins, starring popular YouTubers. Now YouTube are expanding out into their first high budget, non-YouTube based series.

YouTube purchased the original series to stream exclusively through Red and will be a series adaption of the Step Up movies, using the same name. The 10-episode series will be produced by Lionsgate, the production company behind the fourth and fifth movies in the Step Up franchise. The film series’ star Channing Tatum is onboard with the project as an executive producer.

The show will apparently follow a similar plot to the first Step Up film, set in a performing arts high school. Lionsgate chairman, Kevin Beggs said the show will be “a distinctive, noisy, platform-defining series” saying that “multiple networks wanted [it]”. It’s a high stake bet on whether it will appeal to the YouTube audience however, as each episode will cost several million dollars to make.

Step Up dance original series

It’s a giant investment for the video hosting site but they feel confident the show will be a success with YouTube’s global head of content Susanne Daniels saying it will “drive subscription”. Daniels said: “I’ve been a fan of the Step Up movies for years and always believed the films would translate into an awesome original series. We know that dance is a hugely successful global category on YouTube, so I’m excited to have a series rooted in such an enormously popular genre on our platform.”

YouTube Red is available in Australia and the US for $10 a month and offers ad-free videos, offline saved videos, and original series starring famous YouTubers like PewDiePie. Step Up will be YouTube’s first Hollywood tier content. You can sign up if you’re in the US or Australia here:

Tubular raise $10m to fund video measurement across multiple platforms

Tubular, leaders in video analytics, have secured another $10 million in funding bringing their total to $31 million in the 3 years they’ve been operating.

Tubular Labs measure online video performance across multiple platforms to reveal which platforms have the most users, what businesses and channels are dominating the industry and more. With their new boost in funding Tubular plan to improve their analytics across social media, like Facebook who have been introducing video content for the past year.

Founder and CEO of Tubular, Rob Gabel said: “Our goal since the beginning has been to help brands and publishers grow their online audiences. Today with more than 55,000 publishers generating over 99 billion monthly video views, online video has reached critical scale. What’s missing is monetisation of branded content. We’re thrilled to partner with Marker and will use this new funding to expand our offerings, enabling publishers to effectively prospect, pitch and report on branded content.”

Tubular online video measurement

Marker LLC led this round of Tubular’s funding as well as their Series B funding 2 years ago. Marker co-founder and partner, Rick Scanlon said: “Tubular is a pioneer and the clear market leader in a rapidly growing, increasingly diverse and critical online video industry. Over the last three years, the company developed a solution that tracks more than 2 billion videos across 30 social platforms, its customers base has grown by more than 10 times and it is now considered the standard in cross-platform video intelligence.”

That customer base included 4,000 online creators and 100 businesses. Among those businesses are BuzzFeed, who Tubular reported were far in the lead for video views in April with 4.7 billion views. As comparison, in second place was Time Warner with 2.2 billion views in April.

At the end of April Tubular launched Video Ratings so that brands and creators could track their video content and ratings across the web. At the time, Gabel said: “We know that the online video industry today captures just 12% of the potential $6.3b cross-platform branded content opportunity. Tubular Video Ratings will help unlock the other 88% by enabling our customers to more effectively measure their online video success.”

Adele stops concert to tell fan “Stop Filming Me”

At a recent concert British popstar Adele interrupted her performance to ask a fan to stop filming her. She followed the dramatic outburst by saying: “I’m really here, in real life. You can enjoy it in real life rather than through your camera.”

We can agree that it’s incredibly annoying when you’re enjoying a gig and the person in front of you has their smartphone light glaring as they watch the fuzzy pixels present them what’s actually happening in front of them. But at the same time it’s not really something that should concern the performer, especially one as high-profile as Adele whose tickets are so rare that they can go up to £24,000. If I paid £24,000 to see Adele sing for a couple hours I’d probably want to record a memory or two as well.

What do you think? Is it justified of Adele to tell her fan to stop recording and watch her on the stage, or is this another case of an arrogant artist feeling a little too self-important in a public arena?