Tax expense deductions for UK musicians

If you’re making money from your music in the UK then it’s time to start paying taxes, but you can deduct necessary costs to lighten the blow.

What is a Performing Rights Organisation?

A performance rights organisation or performing rights society can be a vital resource for artists so here we’ll explain what they are and where you can find them.

People listened more than ever in lockdown, but something grew more than music

In the last year we’ve all been streaming audio a lot more but music didn’t lead the way in growth during lockdown despite another year of continuous growth for music streaming. powers the share of Grammy-winner Ashanti’s latest single with fans

Many artist are using to reach their audiences in unique ways, including Grammy award winner Ashanti for her latest single ‘2:35 (I Want You)’.

All of Spotify’s biggest announcements from their monumental Stream On event

Spotify’s Stream On event this week saw a number of huge announcements that show the streaming service is looking forward to a bigger year than ever in 2021 for listeners and creators.

Spotify is launching in 85 new markets, 1 billion+ potential new listeners

Spotify are planning a huge expansion this week after announcing more than 80 new markets at their Stream On event.

All of Spotify’s updates for artists from Stream On

Spotify’s huge Stream On event has given us a lot to be excited about for the music service including all they have planned next for artist.

The RouteNote team answers your questions live on Instagram, Feb 24th

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 24th February, Jacca and Katie from the RouteNote team will be answering questions on Instagram live. Join us tomorrow at 2:30pm GMT | 9:30am EST on our Instagram stories where we’ll be…

How to lower your taxes as a musician in the US

If you’re a musician paying taxes in the US then you can write off certain expense for music and pay less this tax season.

Music distribution with Content ID

With RouteNote you can get your music online to all of the top music streaming services as well as protect your music on YouTube and Facebook with Content ID.