Spotify’s latest podcast moves: $20 million deal with Omnicom

Spotify have signed a huge $20 million advertising deal with Omnicon as podcasts become a major priority for the music streaming service.

This new deal with Omnicom Media Group in their “largest global, strategic podcast advertising partnership to date”. The deal is worth $20 million and will see the American media marketing company gain first access to advertising on Spotify’s blossoming podcast offerings.

The deal with Omnicom comes just weeks after Spotify launched video advertising in the US, UK, and Canada. No doubt this was a very attractive prospect for Omnicom which may have helped seal the deal as they look to advertise their partners on popular new mediums like Spotify.

Their new partnership with Omnicom Media Group see the advertising conglomerate commited to spending $20 million in the second half of 2020. Just 0.06% of Omnicom’s $35bn annual spending budget.

Spotify’s Global Head of Advertising Business, Lee Brown said: “This partnership is a breakthrough moment for the podcast industry and audio advertising at large. We couldn’t be more ecstatic to have an agency of Omnicom Media Group’s global influence and imprint recognising the value of podcasts for their clients in such a significant way.”

At the start of the year Spotify began targeted advertising on their podcasts to appeal more to advertisers. They proved podcasts were a massive success after testing the new content on their huge music streaming platform in recent years.

Recently they have signed massive deals for some of the world’s biggest podcasts including an exclusive deal with Joe Rogan to distribute his podcast on Spotify only. They are now doubling down on both the content they have to offer for listeners and the possibilities for creators and advertisers with the new medium.

New original podcasts are coming, with Arab-Israeli vlogger Nuseir Yassin bringing his weekly ‘Nas Talks’ show to Spotify Podcasts as well as ‘An Oral History of The Office’, covering the behind the scenes details of the US version of The Office.

Brown added: “We look forward to partnering with OMG to unlock the creative possibilities of audio and building rich connections with listeners worldwide.”

United Masters suddenly cuts their free distribution for artists

United Masters have launched a new model for artists to keep 100% of their earnings but it sees their free distribution’s offering slashed.

United Masters have been one of a few options for creators to get their music distributed to online services for free. Today they announced their Premium tier which offers artists all of their royalties but at a monthly cost and is now the only way artists can send their music to all platforms through United Masters.

They have cut their Free offering so that artists can only distribute their music to Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. To distribute to all other stores users will now have to pay for distribution, although that will allow them to keep 100% of their earnings.

Their United Masters SELECT offering requires a monthly payment of $5 to distribute to all major platforms. The payment must be paid for 12 months upfront, so it is actually $59.99 rather than on a month-to-month payment.

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Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist has been streamed for over 2.3 billion hours

Discover Weekly just celebrated its five year anniversary. Since launching in July 2015, Discover Weekly has been streamed for over 2.3 billion hours.

Discover Weekly is available for all Spotify users, every Monday bringing together a new collection of music tuned to your individual taste, helping audiences discover new artists, and artist find new fans. Discover Weekly has helped artists around the world promote their new music, such as R3HAB, Halsey, RAC, Khalid, MK and Alle Farben. Listeners are discovering new genres too “from EDM to grupera (a regional Mexican style), to indietronica and Lithuanian folk”.

Between July 2015 and 25 June 2020, Discover Weekly has been streamed over 2.3 billion hours. For reference, that’s:

  • 8.4 trillion seconds
  • 140 billion minutes
  • 2.3 billion hours
  • 97.3 million days
  • 13.9 million weeks
  • 266.5 thousand years

How to distribute lo-fi music to streaming platforms for free

With RouteNote you can distribute any kind of music to stores, streaming services and social media platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

RouteNote gives creators the power to distribute music to all major platforms, monetize social media content, promote releases and track performance, all totally free of charge.

RouteNote don’t favour any particular genre. In fact you can send any kind of music to us for distribution, with only a few specific exceptions on some partner stores. RouteNote do not distribute:

  • Audiobook content
  • Text/scripture excerpts
  • Speech (without backing music)
  • Podcasts
  • Advertisements/Reviews
  • Loops (identical loop repeated with no variation whatsoever)
  • Sample Packs
  • Excerpts from tracks/previews
  • Ringtones
  • ‘Non-profit’ releases

The following stores will not accept the follow kind of releases (feel free to distribute these releases through us, just be sure to untick the relevant stores):

  • Binaural, Frequency Healing, Meditation, Field Recordings, MIDI, Computer Generated Classical – iTunes, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube Content ID must be unticked
  • ASMR, White Noise – iTunes, Facebook, YouTube Content ID, Shazam and Gracenote must be unticked
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Audio Effects bring brand new control to Audiobridge’s collaborative music making app

Audiobridge have upped the capabilities on their mobile-only music recording app with 4 new effects available now.

Audiobridge is a mobile app that is designed to make collaboration easy from afar. With shared projects users can record and edit recordings together to create a collaborative track simply and quickly.

They’re making the potential even greater for musicians and creators with the brand new addition of Audio Effects. Packaged into the Experimental Settings suite, four new effects will give users far more options as to how they edit and record their songs.

They surveyed musicians and audio engineers from around the world to select the four favourite effects to add to their app. They chose Reverb, Delay, EQ, and Compression; the staples of music production.

Their app uses artificial intelligence to help its users add details to their tracks. Audiobridge founder and CEO, Matt Miller said: “We have built a tool that guides musicians through music creation. It will be like having an audio engineer in your pocket.”

They hope that their app provides a simple and intuitive way for people to record music that sounds good without the high costs of recording studios and expensive equipment. Miller adds: “We are breaking down the barriers of entry, making the process more accessible for all. We want to replace the 1,200 page Pro Tools user manual with a red record button.”

You can download audiobridge and make use of their new effects in your audio recordings on iOS now.

Live streaming platform Caffeine raise $113m in funding

Gaming, entertainment and creative arts live broadcaster Caffeine raises $113 million in Series D funding.

Caffeine are a competitor to live streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, launching out of beta in November last year. In 2018, 21st Century Fox invested $100m into the company to host a variety of Fox Sports and entertainment content such as Big East basketball, Bundelisga soccer, Formula E races, the FOX SOUL channel, and Anidom Beyond with host and comedian Andy Richter, as well as exclusive esports, video game, sports and live entertainment content. The platform also streams partners such as Disney, ESPN, DreamHack and Riot Games.

Announcing the funding in a press release by the company last week, Caffeine describe themselves as “a new kind of broadcast company focused on the creation and distribution of live, interactive entertainment”. They will be using the capital “to fuel continued growth and rapid onboarding of the world’s best entertainers”.

Caffeine connects entertainers with world-class technology so they can create content that is authentic and connects culture and community. We see this week over week during URL’s live battles where tens of thousands of people are experiencing something live and new together.

Ben Keighran – Founder and CEO, Caffeine

Bloomberg reported the company is now valued at over $600, and that the company would spend the funding to “invest in forms of entertainment that users can watch and engage with in real time”. The platform hopes to differentiate its programming from the big player in the space, currently dominated by Twitch and YouTube.

In February this year, Caffeine signed a multi-year exclusive partnership with Drake, to bring Ultimate Rap League to the platform. The opening stream Genesis gained 140k views and brought Caffeine to attention of many fans and those in the industry, with host creator such as Offset and Doja Cat, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Collin Sexton and Kyle Kuzma, Cartoonz, Ohmwrecker, and Crainer. Two million users have registered with Caffeine in the last year.

Spotify’s Workout tool creates a personalized playlist to your taste

Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Workout will generate the perfect workout playlist based on your personal tastes and quiz answers.

A lot of people are taking to working out from home or running, in lieu of gyms around the world being shut. These home workouts are being soundtracked by Spotify’s curated playlists or listener’s own playlists. In fact, according to Spotify, one million workout playlists have been created in the last two months alone. To save you some time finding the perfect tracks to accompany your workouts, Spotify have made a tool to keep you motivated at home.

The playlists combine your personal listening data and a quiz to create the perfect mix. You choose the length of typical workouts, whether you want music and/or podcasts, the sort of workout you do, who you’re working out with and one or two genres your after.

You’ll get different results every time you take the quiz, so you can create a different playlist for every day of the week.

Click here to create your playlist.

Which country has the most TikTok users?

TikTok is one of the biggest apps in the world with over 1 billion users on TikTok and it’s Chinese cousin Douyin – but where is it the most popular?

The biggest country in the world for TikTok was India up until last week with over 100 million downloads in the country. The Indian government have now notoriously banned the Chinese app.

The biggest country for TikTok is now the United States.

TikTok has been downloaded over 130 million times in the US and estimates suggest that there are roughly 65 million monthly active TikTok users in the US.

Of course, China technically wins the claim with Douyin which saw around 400 million daily active users in early 2020. That’s a lot of Chinese TikTokers!

DJ Regard releases his own online game Regard Runner

Kosovo-based producer Regard with Ministry of Sound have released a new game to promote his latest track Secrets.

After the success of his track Ride It which became viral on TikTok last year, Regard, currently signed to Ministry of Sound, releases his new endless running game Regard Runner. The game has players jumping over gaps and obstacles on mobile and computer. It was commissioned by Ministry of Sound and developed by The Creative Corporation. The game can be played while listening to Regard’s discography on Spotify, after connecting your Spotify profile and consenting to Sony access your email address and listening data.

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