Omnifone Reveal New Digital Music Products and CEO

Omnifone have announced their new CEO Doug Imrie along with two new products that aid digital music distribution.

Cloud-based music service provider Omnifone have promoted Doug Imrie to chief executive officer from managing director and chief operating officer. Imrie leads the strategic productization of MusicStation, Omnifone’s music cloud which is also in development of their two new products.

Speaking on his new role, Imrie said: “I am hugely excited to undertake the role of Chief Executive at Omnifone. Whilst we have continued to enjoy powering music services around the globe, we have identified several exciting opportunities to enable digital service providers, rights holders and other industry stakeholders to select the key components of our music cloud that they need, to build products that enhance their services and operations.”

The first of Omnifone’s new products in development is the ‘Acoustic Lab’ a music information retrieval platform that creates unique metadata sets by analysing audio and data in tracks. The Acoustic Lab is partnered with the Centre for Digital Music in London’s Queen Mary University to enhance research and provide a basis for academia. Additionally Omnifone are developing the ‘Global Metering Hub’, a global products that aims to simplify the presentation of a track’s rights such as territory permissions and multi-rights-holdings.

Omnifone’s chief engineer, Phil Sant said: “We are now in an API economy and this product allows services to outsource their complex reporting needs to our music cloud via a straight forward integration. The global Metering Hub takes care of all the complex behind-the-scenes heavy lifting, allowing our partners to focus the things that differentiate their service.”

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