If you have an old Sonos device you can now trade it for a newer one

Sonos have launched a trade-up program for some of their oldest devices to keep their most dedicated users up to date.

Sonos have been doing their whole – connected music set up around the house – shtick for a while. So long in fact you probably won’t even recognise some of their very first devices which helped to kick start the idea of a web of speakers on the same network.

Sonos are now taking in many of their older devices in exchange for a 30% discount on an upgrade to their latest speakers. The offer applies to customers with a Connect, Connect:Amp, ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, ZP120, and first generation Play:5 devices.

The 30% discount is accumulative so if you have more than 1 device to trade in you’ll get the discount with each one.

Sonos have more details and instructions on how to recycle your devices in exchange for the discount here.

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