Dozens of Spotify users find their passwords reset by the music streaming service

A string of recent suspicious activity has caused Spotify to reset the passwords for a number of Spotify accounts but it has left some users confused.

This week an unspecified amount of Spotify users had their passwords reset for their accounts with the music streaming service. Users were told that their passwords had been reset “due to detected suspicious activity” on their accounts.

Spotify didn’t specify what the suspicious activity entailed. A bunch of users have now taken to the internet wondering why their accounts have had their password’s reset without further explanation from the music streaming giant.

Spotify Spokesperson, Peter Collins has said: “As part of our ongoing maintenance efforts to combat fraudulent activity on our service, we recently share a communication with select users to reset their passwords as a precaution. As a best practice, we strongly recommend users not to use the same credentials across different services to protect themselves.”

It’s assumed that Spotify faced a hack-attack in which a series of usernames and passwords were stolen from other sites and used to gain access to users’ Spotify accounts. Speaking to Tech Crunch however, multiple users said that their usernames and passwords are unique to their Spotify account.

It’s recommended that you choose a password that you don’t use for any other sites when you create an account, especially on major services like Spotify that can be targeted for data hacks.

Ultimate Hip Hop Mixtapes with Mixtape Monkey

It seems like Hip-hop mixtapes are still going strong! Mixtape Monkey founder Mark Serrano has stated that they have over 11 million listeners.

Mixtape Monkey has always been a place for the best possible Hip-hop mixtapes. Mark believe in quality over quantity and even calls himself the “enforcer” – by making sure Mixtape Monkey has a very strict policy on what mixtapes make the service and which ones don’t.

Mixtape Monkey has a very strong fan base in Africa, which now accounts for over 25% of the sites monthly visitors. Currently, Serrano is featuring mixtapes from 10-15 African artists.

“There were some African rappers building buzz so I caught wind of their videos and posted it on the website.”

Is the Chinese Music Streaming Market a Duopoly?

Short Answer: Yes. Tencent Music Entertainment and Netease Cloud Music control the chinese music streaming market.

Between Tencent Music Entertainment (which owns QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo) and Netease Cloud Music they have over 80% market share in mainland China.

Join RouteNote and you can add your music to Netease and Tencent Music Entertainment for Free or Keep 100% of the royalties.

There are over 20 other music streaming services and download stores that are trying very hard to gain as much market share as possible, but for the past 12 months no one has really been able to push their way up to any kind of serious market share number.

Tencent Music Entertainment and Netease are both still growing and we think this duopoly is going to stay for a long time to come!

ByteDance plan to take Spotify on with a free streaming service

TikTok’s parent company and Chinese conglomerate ByteDance are planning to make their entry into the world of free music streaming.

Chinese software giants ByteDance have made a massive mark with their phenomenally popular video app TikTok. Now they’re entering a new market filled with major competition around the world: digital music streaming.

ByteDance are reportedly planning on launching a streaming service to take on the likes of Apple and Spotify. Their service will follow Spotify’s model, offering a paid subscription alongside a free, ad-supported music streaming experience.

It makes sense for the Chinese conglomerate as the music streaming industry burgeons more and more with newer markets in Asia and Africa keeping the international growth exponential. ByteDance have secured deals with over 800 music labels worldwide to register music for use in TikTok’s short videos. It makes sense to advance those relationships into something more substantial as digital music proliferates, growing constantly more profitable.

Whilst ByteDance have reportedly signed deals with two of the largest Indian music labels, T-Series and Times Music, they are yet to finalise agreements with the 3 major labels: Warner Music, Sony Music and Universal Music.

Whilst ByteDance haven’t officially confirmed the reports, the rumours are timely as their deals with labels look to expire in the next few weeks.

How to make your Discover Weekly playlists even more personal

Discover Weekly gives Spotify listeners a weekly playlist made just for them of music that Spotify thinks they will love and you can tune it to be even more Made For You.

If you’ve never used Spotify’s Discover Weekly before then you could well be missing out on your new favourite playlist. Playlists are the radio of the streaming generation and with Discover Weekly it’s a wholly personal affair that is created based on your tastes and listens.

Every Monday Spotify looks at all of the music you likes and presents a curated, refined 30 track strong playlist directly to your ears. It’s been hailed as one of the greatest music discovery tools with incredible recommendations that really do hit the mark most of the time.

It’s based off of what you listen to mostly so all you need to do is enjoy your music and Spotify will build a taste profile for you. They’ve shared some handy tips that allow you to refine the choices presented to you even more to your music taste.

Heart This

Love a new track you just heard? Click the “heart” icon next to the song on mobile or desktop, and there will be more where that came from down the road.

Follow Along

Make sure to “follow” your favorite artists—the curation magic will pull in songs from similar artists that we have a hunch you’ll like. As for your “followed” artists, head over to your Release Radar playlist, which updates every Friday, to hear all their new music right after it drops.

You Really Really Like It

If you’re totally obsessed with a new-to-you track, add it to your own personally curated playlists. This lets us know the song is more than just a momentary obsession, and we’ll be sure to serve up songs in the same vein.

Don’t Overthink It

We all have that friend who shares a ton of tracks from their favorite new artist. But what if they’re not really your taste? Not to worry: Listening to a song once without replaying or “hearting” won’t affect your Discover Weekly selections.

Keep It Private

If you’re listening to music you may not want to show up in your Discover Weekly (for example, if your friend with questionable music taste is DJing a party from your phone), put your Spotify on Private Mode. If you’re streaming from desktop, simply click the down arrow shaped like a “V” in the top right corner of the app and select “Private Session.” For mobile and tablet, navigate to Settings, then Social, and turn on “Private Session.”

Find your Discover Weekly and get your own personal selection of tracks every single week.

Take Pandora on the road, streaming now on Waze

Find the perfect soundtrack to your journey and easily tune it as you drive with Pandora in Waze’s navigation app.

Google’s Waze app helps you navigate through cities and towns like a friendly Google Maps assistant. Last year Waze added an audio player so you can simply play music on your journeys and easily skip tracks and control your music with simple and safe controls for if you’re driving.

Waze have teamed up with the United States’ favourite radio-style streaming service to offer Pandora’s extensive music catalogue as a passenger in your journeys. Both Pandora’s on-demand premium service and it’s radio-style streams of music are available to listen to on Waze.

Connect the two apps together and you can choose to listen to music from Waze’s app or follow the steps of your journey from inside the Pandora app – it works both ways. It’s super simple to connect the services, simply download the Waze app and click the music icon on the top right of the map to select Pandora.

Google’s alternative navigation app also features integration for Spotify, NPR One, TuneIn Radio, and more. The music streaming service is available in the Waze app for both iOS and Android devices.

Spotify’s 5 playlists to stream for Ramadan this month

Spotify want to help Muslims celebrating Ramadan around the world to accompany their holiest of months with a soundtrack to their spiritual restoration.

It’s nearly halfway through the holy month of Ramadan for 2019. Spotify are showing support of their Muslim friends, family and listeners around the world with 5 playlists that they reckon are the perfect musical accompaniment to the 29-30 days of prayer, fasting, reflection, and community.

During Ramadan there are a number of spiritual or classic songs that many Muslims will listen to. Whatever your faith, Spotify’s 5 playlists have been created to collect some of the vital and traditional sounds of the holy month to be enjoyed by those taking part in Ramadan and to introduce the musical side of it to others.

Ramadan Mubarak

Billions of Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan. Each of the different cultures also has different traditions—whether it be cooking special food or wearing certain colors or costumes. So to celebrate the holiness and the diversity of practice in this month, we put together a multicultural and personalized playlist on the Global Arab hub.

Ramadan Series

During the holy month, Arab families gather to watch their favorite shows made specifically for Ramadan, called Mosalsalat Ramadan in Arabic. This playlist showcases the soundtracks of the most popular Ramadan TV dramas in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ramadan Chill

With instrumental Eastern melodies that are relaxing and spiritual, this playlist is best suited to winding down for the evening at Iftar. The playlist includes artists and songs recognizable to listeners throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Think of this playlist as “Ramadan Unplugged” (Jalsat means “sessions”). The music, unique to the Persian Gulf region, has an unusual yet alluring beat. It features Khaleeji (people of the Arab peninsula) artists performing both classics and new songs with the crowd clapping along in the background.


Popular in the Persian Gulf, Sheilat is based on folklore and driven more by lyrics than instruments. This is more conservative, traditional music for the month—sure to get you in a reflective mood and mindset.

You can also take a listen to Lagu Ramadan and Lagu Raya for the sounds of Ramadan in Malaysia and Singapore, and Ketupat Lebaran for Indonesia. Or, stream the Ramazan playlist to get a feel for the holy month in Turkey. And because the start of Ramadan is determined by the sighting of the moon, why not check out Stargazer?

Promote gigs on Pandora with Ticketmaster now on the music service

Find the latest gigs from favourite artists and music you’ve just discovered with Ticketmaster concerts now on Pandora as you stream.

Pandora want to make sure that music fans never miss out on gigs that the artists they’re loving and listening to are playing. Following last year’s partnership with Eventbrite, Pandora have teamed up with Ticketmaster to bring even more concerts to the music streaming service.

Pandora have integrated concerts from Ticketmaster into their artist promotional platform; Pandora AMP. They will pull touring data in from Ticketmaster in real-time so that fans can immediately be notified about new shows and when tickets go on sale based on the music they love and where they’re located.

Pandora say: “In our ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive and seamless artist marketing experience, Pandora has partnered with Ticketmaster to transform live event promotion.

“Listeners have already clicked on links to Ticketmasters events over 700,000 times thanks to this new integration, so now’s the perfect time to promote your concerts using our Promote Show tool and AMP’s suite of completely free and automated event tools.

“We hope you are as excited about this new partnership as we are!”

Spotify love podcasts so much they’re re-designing their app for it

Spotify are betting big on podcasts with some changes to show they’re serious about making podcasts a major part of their service.

Spotify took the world by storm with on-demand, unlimited music streaming – opening the world up to a fountain of music like never before. In the past year however Spotify have been treading a new path with a new focus on podcasts.

Music is still the dish of the day but podcasts are becoming more and more popular on the streaming service and Spotify are embracing it. They’ve acquired numerous podcast companies and makers in the past year and have said that a push on podcasts is their goal for 2019.

Podcasts have become so popular on Spotify that they are now re-designing the app to give them equal footing next to music. Spotify have been testing the changes with some users, displaying ‘music’ and ‘podcasts’ besides each other at the top of libraries in prominent fonts.

They hope that considering podcasts’ proliferation throughout the platform, even whilst not as strongly promoted as music on Spotify, will be enhanced with greater discovery by putting them forefront.

Spotify are using what they’ve learnt by becoming one of the world’s favourite places to discover music. Spotify’s music playlists are hailed by millions and they are going to use their algorithmic based personalisation to enhance podcasts too.

Spotify’s chief financial officer, Barry McCarthy said in an interview: “There are plenty of podcasts we’d all enjoy if only we knew they existed. There is no search engine, no search interface that understands what podcast you and I like. We’re working hard on that problem.”

They are reportedly testing a personalised playlist called ‘Daily Drive’ which will add short podcast episodes in-between music. The concept is based around the daily commute of your average working, acting like a personalised radio station with short podcasts instead of presenter chit-chat.

During their first-quarter earnings call Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek said: “Personalisation is one of our core pillars of our strategy. And there, we are obviously really, really far along in music; podcast is a much newer space for us.”

Spotify have said they’re happy to spend another $100 million in podcasts this year. It’s interesting seeing the streaming giant branch beyond music and it will be interesting how they implement it more forward-facing without infringing on the music experience.