Apple Music put all your different album versions all in one place now

Extended albums, Deluxe Editions, demo tapes and other versions of the same album can all be found on the album page now.

Apple Music have updated their album pages with a very welcome addition. No longer will you have to trawl through artist pages to find each version of an album as you can just select the album and scroll down.

A new section underneath the track listing on an album page shows ‘Other Versions’ which lists all of the different versions of that album. That includes remastered versions, demos, extended albums, remixes and more so that you can easily find the version you want to listen to.

It also neatens up the whole streaming experience, especially when there are loads of versions of the same album like many classic albums. Alternate versions of albums will now be hidden on artist’s pages and only visible in the actual album page.

The feature is a relic of the now defunct Beats Music service from Beats by Dre which is owned by Apple. It doesn’t seem to have taken effect on all alternate versions of albums but that could be because it’s a new feature and they will consolidate it more over time.

Spotify look to launch in South Korea this year

Melon, Bugs!, and YG are going to have their eyes keenly on Spotify as it looks like they may finally launch in South Korea in 2020.

South Korea has become one of the hottest places for music in the world. They have an entire cultural export in K-Pop that is massive the world over, and their own love for music is just as prominent with 1 in 5 South Koreans subscribed to music streaming services.

These people mostly use vastly popular services that were born in the country like Melon, Bugs! and services from YG – the massive label that helped make Psy a hit with Gangnam Style. But the Western giant of music streaming Spotify could be on the way soon.

Spotify has been absent from South Korea despite the popularity of the nation’s music on their platform. They have reportedly faced licensing issues that have prevented them progressing but have an office in Seoul and are planning to finally launch in the country this year.

Spotify will face a strong established fan-base from local services but will also need to compete with YouTube who are very popular there.

Karaoke app Smule are launching a ‘musical reality show’

Smule are branching beyond smartphones to hit national TV in India with their upcoming X-Factor style singing-based competition.

Smule have announced the release of a brand new talent show coming to India that aims to take the talented singers who love their app and make them musical stars. The show named ‘1 2 3 Riyaaz’ launches this month.

The show is entirely digital and will be available from the Indian network ILN Studios and co-produced by Smule and iDiva. It will be hosted by celebrity team captains in Jassie Gill, Lisa Mishra and Kusha Kapila who will give musical challenges every week to viewers to partake in on Smule.

Smule users will have to sing along for the challenges and 3 winners will be selected at the end of the week. Winners will earn prizes like singing the with the team captains in music videos.

The app is popular worldwide and particularly in India. With about 40 million users around the world, Smule say that 7-8 million of those are in India who use it for an average of an hour a day.

How producers are mastering tracks for music streaming services (video)

In the age of music streaming we are hearing music differently. Not just with where it comes from, but quite literally with how it sounds.

You might not know, though keen ears will probably have noticed, that streaming services normalise tracks. This means the mix is altered, whether the artist or producer likes it or not, so that all of the music on a service follows a similar level – it’s normalised.

This video explains what that means, how streaming services are doing it, and most interestingly how producers are mastering their tracks differently to cater to this normalisation.

Easily find the BPM of every song with this simple website

Our ears can betray us and not all of us have a perfect ear for timing, so when it comes to working out BPMs this site has you covered.

There are many reasons why you might want to know the BPM of a song. It’s essential for remixers, sampling, you might even want to cover a song and be faithful to the tempo.

SongBPM is a website that makes it as simple as searching for the song you want to know the time of. The results will show up and tell you the song length and the BPM of the song.

You can then click through to listen to the song on Spotify or on Amazon with one touch if you want to match that BPM with your ears.

It’s really that simple so if you’re after a song BPM then you should head to SongBPM right now:

How much does a stream on Spotify pay?

As streaming is now the main way people listen to music in a lot of the world, how much is a single stream on one of the world’s biggest services worth?

Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question. Streaming rates vary based on a bunch of different things.

Streaming payouts differ in every country, so if you have a Spotify fan in India their streams are going to pay differently to a stream in the US. It also depends on what version of Spotify your listeners are using. Premium subscribers will make a little more for the artist with each stream than ad-supported users.

Even with so many variables we can work out a rough estimate of how much each stream pays an artist based on the data that is available out there.

Spotify pays roughly $0.0032 per stream.

As we say this is a rough estimate and it will vary greatly depending on a lot of different factors. So you may receive more than this for your streams or maybe less.

For an idea of how other streaming services payout you can check out our other post here:

Spotify now credits songwriters with their very own page

Spotify have launched a brand new page for songwriters where all their music contributions can be found.

Spotify have launched a new page to bring together all the listed work of the sometimes under represented songwriters. The new beta gives songwriters a way to share the songs they’ve written and reach new audiences with their involvement with other artists.

Back in 2018 Spotify added extra credits to music so that all the people involved with making a track got the credit they deserve. They made them visible for everyone to view by right clicking on releases. Now those songwriting credits all lead somewhere.

Songwriters included in this new beta will be clickable on a track and listeners will be sent to their new page which showcases all the songs they’ve written. It will also show their top collaborations to easily show who they work with the most.

Each songwriter included in the beta will have their very own ‘Written By’ playlist as a showcase of easily streamable tracks showcasing their most popular contributions to music. These new playlists will be featured on Songwriter pages as well as the home page for all listeners.

Artists with their own Songwriter pages currently include Missy Elliott, Meghan Trainor, Fraser T Smith, Teddy Geiger, and others. You can show Spotify you’re interested to be included by filling out this form.

Is now owned by Spotify?

Yes. Spotify has announced that they have acquired and all of its media – mainly podcasts.

Spotify has been focusing on increase their market share across podcasting and it seems like the strategy has been paying off! Increases in podcasts and podcast watch time means they Spotify is able to offset some of the music played across it’s platform, while also being able to make much higher margins and increasing it’s gross profit margin.

How to play Spotify on Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+, Clock and more

From wireless earbuds to clocks, Samsung have some interesting new devices on the way and you can use them with Spotify.

Spotify have announced a new range of products coming this year with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Buds+. Spotify partnered with them in 2018 to be their native music service provider so you can bet that Spotify is coming to all of these new products.

Here’s how you can use Spotify with each of these upcoming devices from Samsung:

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ x Spotify

Whether you’re on the train, in the car, or still rushing out the door, you can start Spotify with a single touch on the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+. That’s thanks to the latest update rolling out soon to Android devices. Just put on your Buds+ and get the tunes playing with a simple long press. We’ll start playing wherever you left off—or, if you weren’t listening to anything, you’ll hear something new that we think you’ll like. Not feeling it? Press again and we’ll dig up something just for you. 

Samsung keyboard integration

Ever heard a new song that you just had to share with friends? Soon it will be easier than ever to quickly search and share music from Spotify. That’s because Spotify will be integrated directly into the Samsung keyboard. Songs, albums, and playlists are sent through a generated link that, once tapped, brings you directly to Spotify or to a page to sign up for an account.

Samsung Clock

The Spotify integration into the Clock app from Google™ has been a hit, and soon, the latest Samsung devices will also allow users to wake up to their favorite music and podcasts. Simply go into your phone’s built-in clock app, set an alarm, tap the Spotify logo, and choose what you want to wake up to. Spotify Premium users will be able to choose any song, playlist, or podcast. Free users can also use this integration and choose their wakeup jams in shuffle mode.

Bixby Routines

The latest Spotify integration with Bixby Routines can soon help you play the perfect playlist for every part of your day. Bixby Routines lets you pick what you like to listen to when you make dinner, hit the gym, commute to work, or otherwise go about your day, making sure you have the right soundtrack for every moment.

Get ready to listen to Spotify on your new Samsung devices like never before. The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, and Samsung Galaxy Buds+ come out in March 2020.

Spotify’s Kids app is coming to the UK then all Premium Family subscribers

Spotify are bringing their specially made app for kids to all Family subscribers around the world starting in the UK.

Spotify launched the beta of their new child-friendly streaming app in Ireland last November. The app offers a curated package of content from the millions of tracks and artists available to stream on Spotify that has been selected for the peace of mind of parents.

The company are bringing the beta to the UK and further so that families with a Premium Family account can ensure their kids have a safe and tailored music streaming experience. The app not only restricts content to child-friendly music and stories but has been designed to visually help youngsters navigate it’s interface.

The app tailors itself to 2 different experiences based on the age of the children using it. You can select Audio for Younger Kids so that the content is for very young children whilst Audio for Older Kids provides more age appropriate content.

The app should be available now in the UK with the release coinciding with Safer Internet Day from Childnet International yesterday. Spotify are planning to release the Kids app globally soon.