One Dance by Drake is now the most streamed song ever on Spotify

Drake is the king of Spotify, and that has been confirmed as he takes to the top spot for the most streamed track ever with ‘One Dance’.

Drake’s summer hit One Dance was everywhere, with many thinking it would take the record for most weeks at number 1 in the charts. With over 880 million streams One Dance has now surpassed the previous most popular Spotify song, Major Lazer’s ‘Lean on’, and taken the all time number 1 spot.

Drake is no stranger to topping Spotify’s charts having been their most streamed artist for as long as I can remember and his latest album Views at the top of the most streamed album charts. Even before taking the number 1 all time spot it was revealed last month that 3 Drake songs made it into the 10 most streamed tracks between 2015 to 2016, with 2 of those being first and second place.

With over 8 billion streams in total and more than 36 million monthly listeners it’s going to take someone special to claim the Spotify crown away from Drake

Daniel Ek takes place of Martin Lorentzon as Spotify’s chairman

Martin Lorentzon has stepped down as chairman at Spotify for a smaller role as Spotify chief executive Daniel Ek takes his place.

Martin Lorentzon co-founded the world’s most successful streaming service, Spotify, with Daniel Ek 8 years ago. Now after a long run as chairman Lorentzon is stepping down to take a vice-chairman position, to be replaced by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Whilst Ek will now take on all the main responsibilities as CEO and chairman of Spotify, Lorentzon will still have a powerful say in his new role but with less responsibility. Lorentzon said on Twitter: “I’m looking forward to another 10 years at Spotify as vice-chairman, going on walks with and talking to Daniel daily.”

Whilst Spotify have seen a number of their top positions left this year, like chief revenue officer Jeff Levick, they’ve retained unparalleled growth and success. Spotify recently revealed that they had gained 10 million new paying subscribers in 6 months, an incredible achievement compared to any service. Whilst Spotify may have lost some employees they’ve also made some major additions, particularly their nabs from the BBC which includes BBC’s head of music and BBC Radio 1’s Austin Daboh.

Spotify music streaming Daniel Ek Martin Lorentzon chairman ceo step down
Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon have built Spotify together over the past 10 years

As Daniel Ek takes on his new role a source “close to Spotify” told the Financial Times: “In the US, it is extremely common to merge the CEO and chairman roles, so this gives you a good indication of where they are listing. The restructuring points to an Americanisation of the company.”

The company’s origin lies in Sweden where it was developed in 2006 and where Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek both hail from. As Spotify has found worldwide success it has slowly moved it’s base to America where tech companies thrive and, as was said above, is seeing itself become more of a traditionally American business. There are a number of finance roles currently available at Spotify and the majority are currently listed in New York.

Express yourself through music in iMessage with Pandora

When you’re at a loss for words in your iMessage chats why not just send a track that perfectly describes your feelings? Now you can thanks to Pandora.

Pandora have launched an extension for Apple’s iMessage so that you can say what you want to say through music. With Pandora’s new sharing features you can play songs and discover new music all from your iMessage chats.

Share a track that you like with your friend and they can hop onto Pandora and begin a radio stream based off of that track, creating a unique station between you and your friends or family. There are a number of ways to can decide to share music, whether you’re loving the track you’re listening to and want to share it or whether you want to express yourself through a specific track.


Pandora gave some examples of  how you can use it:
  • Jamming out to your favourite Pandora station and discover a song that’s fire: Open the iMessage extension and your current track will immediately pop up under Now Playing.
  • At a loss for words mid-conversation, but know a specific song that totally sums up how you feel: Search Pandora’s entire catalog of music within the iMessage extension by typing the track name in the Search bar.
  • Trying to set the mood, capture a moment, or express yourself… but you want to leave it to the experts: Pandora’s curators handpick share-worthy track suggestions that are perfect for discovering the right track in every situation.

When you share a track on iMessage the other person(s) can listen to a sample directly from iMessage or open up Pandora and play the full track. If they like it they can carry on streaming for a radio station of similar tracks  and discover new music.Pandora’s iMessage will also come with a pack of 12 stickers so that you can react to the music appropriately.

You can download the  Pandora extension form the App Store icon in an iMessage chat with iOS 10.


Music streams now count towards music awards in France

France’s music trade body Snep have announced that streams from online music services will now count towards sales certifications for Gold, Platinum, Diamond records.

Awards for labels and artists reaching a sales milestone can now be achieved via streams as well. Snep, the body in charge of music certification in France, have revealed that all tracks and albums from January 2016 onwards will have their streams integrated into their sales numbers.

Interestingly Snep have decided to use the opposite method of integration, where most convert an amount of streams into a sale equivalent number Snep are converting sales into streams. 1 sale now equals 150 streams and counts towards the new stream-defined award certifications.

Originally a track that sold 250,000 units was awarded with a Diamond sales certification but from now on the limit you need to reach will be 35 million stream-equivalents. There are a number of reasons why Snep might want to work with streams instead of sales, the most obvious being the incredible rise in streaming service users which is quickly making music streaming the world’s largest form of access to music.

France has also seen a quickly dissipating download market which has broken the record for lowest sales 5 different times so far this year. The lowest recorded download sales for France in the ‘weekly most-downloaded tracks’ was achieved 5 weeks ago, showing 2,100 units sold. With sales like that no artist would ever be able to achieve a sales certification so Snep decided to step in and embrace the new form of consuming music via streaming.

Gold is given for tracks achieving 10 million-stream equivalents, while Platinum rewards those beyond 20 million and Diamond crowns songs surpassing 35 million

With the updated specifications 50 new tracks have been given awards from Snep. Snep’s chart will also be updated weekly from now on so we have an even better idea of who is ruling the charts in France.

Spotify’s Name Stems from the Founder Yelling from Different Rooms and Mishearing Something That Was Shouted

Daniel Ek (Spotify Founder) explains how Spotify got its name.

This again takes us back to my flat that I had out in the suburbs of Stockholm. Martin and I were sitting in different rooms shouting ideas back and forth of company names. We were even using jargon generators and stuff. Out of the blue Martin shouted a name that I misheard as Spotify.

I immediately googled the name and realized there were no Google hits for the word at all. A few minutes later we registered the domain names and off we went.

We were a bit embarrassed to admit that’s how the name came up so our afterconstruction was to say that Spotify stems from SPOT and IDENTIFY.