Spotify Offering 3 Months of Premium for 99 Cents

Spotify are getting into the festive spirit by offering users in the US free months of their premium tier for just $0.99.

From now until the 31st of December you can get a Spotify Premium account, normally priced at $9.99 a month, for just 99 cents for three months. This translates to 33 cents a month, or roughly one-thirtieth of the price.

This isn’t the first time Spotify have offered this deal, as they made it available to users in May this year. It is clearly a valuable offer allowing users to trial the premium tier cheaply and then decide whether they feel it worth the full price. Spotify gained over 6 million paying subscribers through the offer earlier this year.

As the most-subscribed streaming service in the world Spotify are quickly gaining on 100 million total users. Spotify’s chief revenue officer Jeff Levick told an advertising conference earlier this year that they expect to have reached 100 million users by the year’s end, predicting 25 million of those to be paying subscribers.

Spotify’s premium tier offers users unlimited listening to all of the music available on their catalogue, ad-free. Premium subscriptions also allow you the ability to save songs for offline play so you can listen in places without internet or to save your mobile data bills racking up

Unfortunately for those of you outside of the US the offer is only available for users within the United States. For those of you lucky to be in the US and looking for unlimited, ad-free streaming this christmas head to and sign up now, for just 99 cents.

Pope Francis Releases His Prog-Rock Album First on Deezer

It’s official – the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, is a Deezer geezer.

Pope Francis has released his long awaited “prog-rock” album and, until it’s official release today, had it streaming exclusively on Deezer. Additionally the Pope also has a lifetime subscription to Deezer’s Premium+ service, for unlimited music streaming in the Vatican.

“Pope Francis: Wake Up!” is the title of the album which features 11 tracks of antiphons featuring a mix of (sort of) rock guitar mixed with choral synths. The album is being promoted as “sacred hymns, re-imagined by contemporary composers and musicians with Pope Francis’ voice, while he recites in four different languages excerpts of the most significant speeches he has made”.

On the album the Pope speaks different segments in Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese. Issues covered through the Pope’s recitals include peace, the environment, family and charity.

The disappointing factor of the album is that the Pope doesn’t actually sing, or provide anything musical at all really. But it’s still fairly groundbreaking to see the Pope involved in such an endeavour, not to mention his use of digital music streaming services, a still contemporary form of distributing and accessing music.

You can listen to ‘Wake Up!’ by Pope Francis on most if not all streaming services right now or purchase the physical release from various retailers.

What do you think of the Pope’s musical venture? Let us know in the comments below.


Shazam Collaborate with Manor Marussia F1 Team

Shazam are partnering with Manor Marussia F1 team to become their official music partner for the 2016 racing season.

In an attempt to reach a larger audience and bring in more Formula 1 fans Manor’s racing team Marussia have partnered with the music discovery app Shazam. The app, used by over 120 million people every month, will be featured on the chassis side of both of Manor Marussia’s MR03B race cars.

The senior vice president of Shazam, Miles Lewis, said: “We are delighted to form this partnership with the Manor Marussia Formula 1 Team. Their organic approach is creative, flexible and an exciting new way to engage fans with the integration of technology and music. At Shazam we see sport and entertainment as intricately connected and we believe music can form the bridge between the two.

“Shazam is a world-class platform which has developed tools for enabling multi-generationals to discover and connect with music. As we continue to actively expand across media platforms, we are excited to work with Manor’s digital infrastructure and build bridges with Manor’s fan base and more broadly into the sport.”

Both companies will use their individual audiences to engage race and music fans alike and promote the F1 team, their drivers and their portfolio of challenger brands using music. This is all part of the teams “enhanced fan engagement strategy” that aims to target F1 fans and broader audiences beyond F1.

Abdulla Boulsien, Manor Marussia’s team director said: “Our team has always prided itself on being fan-forward, but in 2016 we plan to kick things up a significant notch in the fan engagement stakes. Our new partnership with Shazam will be a major strand within that strategy and already we are working hard on developing an innovative programme that will enable fans to get even closer to the team – and the world of F1 generally – through music.

“Shazam is very much a next-generation brand and it is exciting for us to be tapping into as yet uncharted territories in F1 and discover new audiences. We look forward to seeing Shazam on the MR03B for the first time this weekend in Abu Dhabi.”

Guvera Australian Music Streaming Service Raise $100 Million

Australian music streaming service Guvera have raised AU$100 million ($72.2m) to fund their current expansion in India.

Guvera have confirmed a “pre-IPO round” raised AU$100 million to continue funding their expansion into India where Guvera claim they have 6.5 million users, for a total of 15 million users worldwide. This is a vast improvement from earlier this year in April when Guvera claimed to have 10 million users globally, an already impressive number for the relatively unknown streaming service based in Australia.

Guvera received funding from private investors in Australia as well as a private-equity group AMMA, co-founded by Guvera’s CEO Darren Herft. Herft said: “A number of wealthy Australian families have been looking for new opportunities in the tech and digital space… but more specifically in mobile and digital. Guvera presents an opportunity in this space, and it’s growing quickly in Asia.”

A date for their upcoming IPO has yet to be announced as Herft says they are undecided whether to list their Initial Public Offering on the Australian Securities Exchange or the US’ Nasdaq. However despite their ongoing success and enthusiastic funders the company revealed in June this year that it had lost AU$81.1 million in the past financial year, an increase on a loss of AU$29.4 million the year before. This all comes after Deezer recently pulled out of their proposed IPO due to “tough market conditions”.

Guvera’s appeal, particularly in India, is their focus on bringing localised content to appeal to users in that country. For example after launching in India a year ago Guvera have been focussed on securing rights to the most popular Bollywood music, something Spotify and Apple have so far missed the ball on.

On their offering of content that suits the country the service is being used in, Herft said: “Part of the strategy to target emerging markets was about competition. We’re the only label in the world that has label agreements with labels like Sony, on top of the biggest Bollywood label in India as well.”

Since launching in 2009 as a simple MP3 download website Guvera has evolved into a playlist-driven streaming service that is available in an ad-supported, free format or a paid, ad-free subscription much like Spotify. Over the past year Guvera have launched in India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore and has been available in the US for over 5 years.

Microsoft Have Closed Their Music Service Zune

Microsoft have officially retired all Zune services to be entirely replaced by their new streaming service Groove.

On Sunday Microsoft closed Zune’s stores, ending it’s digital presence after discontinuing production of it’s Zune player in 2011. Zune devices will still be able to play music like an MP3 player, you just won’t be able to transfer music from the Zune Music Service.

Microsoft announced they would be closing the service in September, saying: “As of November 15, 2015, Zune services will be retired. You will no longer be able to stream or download content to your device from the Zune music service.”

This leaves Microsoft’s Groove music streaming service as the sole survivor of Microsoft’s various music stores. Microsoft released Groove in July this year as a revamped Xbox Music that brought numerous improvements and a straightforward service, whereas Xbox Music caused confusion for it’s Xbox branding.

Microsoft have said that any “existing Zune Music Pass subscriptions will be converted to Groove Music Pass subscriptions.” The Groove Music Pass is the new version of both the Zune Music Pass and the Xbox Music Pass, says Microsoft.

The advantage with a Groove Music Pass is that it comes with new features and is usable across any device that can use Groove, including Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Sonos and through Web Browsers on desktop computers. A Groove Music Pass costs $9.99 a month or $99.90 for a year.

Zune players were released in 2006 as Microsoft’s direct competitor to Apples iPod however did not see the success of it’s rival. It did however find a small, loyal following that provided it’s longevity and led to a Zune tattoo as well as the same man trying to change his name to “Microsoft Zune.”

You can get your music on Microsoft Groove as well as other streaming services for free at – Europe’s leading digital music distributor.