50 million songs have been lost forever by MySpace

If you’re one of 14 million artists whose old haunt used to be on MySpace then I hope you backed up your tracks.

Before Facebook and Twitter came MySpace. It was a unique social media space that became as popular for music as it did connecting with friends. Artists treated it at as a home for their music before and after the time of SoundCloud.

Many of its users have jumped ship since the launch of more popular social networks but MySpace hasn’t disappeared. Unfortunately for many of it’s older users, whilst it’s still around, people have reported that lots of content from between 2003 and 2015 has gone missing.

Users have been reporting issues of missing photos, videos, and audio uploaded over 3 years ago for a year now. They have reported on their site: “As a result of a server migration project, any photos, videos, and audio files you uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available on or from MySpace. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Their server migration could well include over 50 million songs from 14 million artists that have now been lost. Many users seem sceptical that this wasn’t caused simply by the team not wanting to expend time and money on migrating so much old content.

At any rate it’s a clear reminder to artists, and anyone with content online, that your content is never completely safe from being lost on the web. If you’re an artist and you care about your music, make sure you have back ups saved. Who’s to say this wasn’t an accident? And who’s to say this couldn’t happen to a site like SoundCloud?

Apple Music Added to Amazon Fire TV in USA

Apple Music has launched on Amazon Fire TV in the US. Amazon Fire TV is a natural extensions for Apple Music as it has been rolled out on Amazon’s Echo speakers since December.

Apple Music subscribers will now the ability to access the full catalogue of 50 million songs by just asking Alexa.

“Alexa, play today’s hits on Apple Music,” or “Alexa, play music by [artist’s name] on Apple Music,” for example.

How To Get My Music into YouTube Content ID for Free

RouteNote allows artists, labels and copyright holders to control their music rights in YouTube Content ID for Free.

Anyone is able to signup for a RouteNote account and then upload their music to the worlds largest music streaming services, download stores and rights management platforms. Simply signup, upload your music and then select YouTube Content ID in the stores section.

Moby’s new album is exclusively playing on a meditation app

Producer Moby is has released his new album exclusively through a mobile app for sleeping and meditation.

The producer of 90’s hit Porcelain, Moby has teamed up with Calm Music for his latest release. His new album Long Ambients 2 was released today on World Sleep Day and will only be available exclusively through the Calm Music app for 30 days.

The app provides gentle music to be used for meditating or aiding sleep. With over 45 million downloads the app has a massive potential audience, making it a great move for Moby who will be opening his music up to a far wider audience than would likely listen to the album natively within the first 30 days.

Moby said of the album and it’s ambient direction: “I originally made these songs for myself because I couldn’t find this type of music anywhere. Long Ambients 2 was designed to help me sleep and to help other people find calm and maybe get a good nights sleep. I hope to share it with other people who have sleep issues or battle anxiety or have a hard time calming themselves down.”

The Calm Music apps co-founder, Michael Acton Smith OBE says: “We’re thrilled that Moby is choosing to launch his new album on Calm Music in a way that has never been done before. As Calm Music grows in popularity, more and more artists, including Grammy winners and household names, are now reaching out to us about having their work featured on Calm Music. But this partnership with Moby will take it to the next level.

“Music is the universal language; so it makes perfect sense that it’s such a big and growing part of Calm and our mission to make the world happier and healthier.”

Long Ambients 2 will release next month on all other music platforms.

Chinese Music Distribution

RouteNote is one of the first music distributors in the world to ink deals with Tencent (QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo), Netease and Kanjian (who cover over 30 different music streaming services).

RouteNote has been working in China for the past 2 years and helping to distribute some of the best chinese music to the world!

Distributing your music into mainland China has never been this easy or comprehensive!

Any RouteNote artist and label can take advantage and get their music in front of a billion people in mainland China. All you need to do is login to your RouteNote account and then upload your music and select Tencent, Netease and Kanjian in your stores page.

Watch Hulu and listen to Spotify in one cheap package

Watch your favourite shows and stream unlimited music ad-free all for one sweet price with Spotify Premium which now comes with Hulu included.

As of today Spotify Premium subscriptions now include Hulu at no extra cost. This means that customers in the US can stream Hulu’s giant library of TV shows and films as well as stream from Spotify’s catalogue of over 30 million songs for $9.99 a month.

If you’re already a Spotify Premium user, it only takes a few seconds to add Hulu’s ad-supported plan to your account—just visit the Your Services page. If you’re new to Spotify Premium, sign up for the bundle now at Spotify.com; you’ll get your first thirty days of both Spotify Premium and Hulu on us, then pay $9.99 per month. (Subscribers who are currently paying $12.99 per month as part of last year’s bundle offer will be automatically reduced to the regular Spotify Premium $9.99 price.)

Start exploring and enjoying the best music, movies and TV shows—all as part of your Spotify Premium membership. Limited quantity of offers: Open until June 10, 2019 or while supplies last. Terms apply.

Samsung Galaxy owners are getting free YouTube Premium subscriptions

Samsung owners may get Spotify pre-loaded but Galaxy devices are getting YouTube and Google Play music ad-free.

YouTube Premium gives it’s subscribers an advert-free experience of it’s giant video site as well as on it’s music streaming service YouTube Music. Samsung Galaxy owners can celebrate with all of their favourite tunes as they’ll be getting free limited subscriptions to YouTube Premium.

As if it couldn’t get better a YouTube Premium subscription also provides access to Google’s own dedicated music streaming platform; Google Play Music. Depending on the device Galaxy owners will get either 2 or 4 months of Premium for free.

The news comes the same week that Spotify announced their partnership with Samsung that will see their music streaming app come pre-loaded on all Samsung devices. That clearly isn’t pinning the phone and tablet makers down to one brand however.

Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Tab S5e devices will come with 3 months of YouTube Premium for free. All other Galaxy device owners who activate their devices between now and February 29th, 2020 will have the chance to get 2 months of YouTube Premium for free.

The offer applies globally anywhere that both Samsung Galaxy devices and YouTube Premium are available.

70% of young people get their music on YouTube, not Spotify or Apple Music

Music streaming services are becoming synonymous with listening to music in the 21st century but it’s YouTube that is dominating music listening.

A new study has looked at how young people under 35 listen to music. In the digital age people are moving away from CDs and listening to music online. The proliferation of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music has put a world of unlimited music in the laps of everyone but even with over 200 million listeners combined traditional streaming services don’t even make up half of how young people are listening to music.

The Infinite Dial study by Edison Research looks at how people behave online and investigated what people use to listen to music. It showed that in the last week 50% of the US population had used YouTube Music to listen to music. Looking at 12-34 year olds that percentage rises all the way up to 70% of the US.

When looking at native music streaming services 30% of the US had used Pandora to listen to music in the past month. In second place was Spotify who 24% said they had listened to in the past month. Apple Music lagged 2 places behind from Spotify with 12% of the US population listening. Spotify and Apple Music are often posited as the others’ biggest rival but the study shows that in the US Spotify are comfortably ahead for engagement.

Pandora may be in first place behind YouTube for listener engagement but the gap between the online radio streaming service and Spotify’s on-demand streaming platform is narrowing. In 2017 Pandora listeners made up 32% of the population whilst Spotify was just 18%. Pandora has dropped since then to 30% in 2019 whilst Spotify has grown massively to 24%.

More and more people are listening to music online, especially younger audiences who are more likely to use digital services. 91% of those aged 12-24 in the US have listened to audio online in the past month the study showed. For all age groups over the age of 12 that number was still a significant 67%.

The study also shows how smart speakers are becoming more and more common. 23% of US households now have a smart speaker in them, an estimated 65 million. There is an average of 2 smart speakers to each home that owns a smart speaker in 2019 compared to 1.7 last year.

SoundCloud want to get students streaming at a discount

SoundCloud are offering a new discount for students allowing them unlimited music streaming for $4.99 a month.

SoundCloud Go is now available at half price for all students so that you can accompany your studies with the biggest library of music online at a discount. SoundCloud Go+ for Students offers their premium streaming service with unlimited downloads for listening offline, ad-free streaming of all the music on SoundCloud, and high quality streams for the best quality experience of SoundCloud.

The new student discount takes 50% off the usual subscription price of SoundCloud Go+, making it just $4.99. SoundCloud Go+ for Students is available wherever you can subscribe to Go+. You can sign up for it and see how much it costs for your region here.

SoundCloud say: “With instant access to tomorrow’s hits the second they’re uploaded, you can flex your tastemaker status and find the music your friends will be listening to next year. And when you’re not busy scanning your feed for the next big thing, you can connect to artists in real-time – because SoundCloud is the only platform where fans and creators interact and move music culture forward together. So keep giving your two cents in the comments and pressing that Share button, and know that your actions on SoundCloud are empowering creators to make their best possible work.”

Students can sign up for SoundCloud Go+ now and get their streaming subscription half price.