YouTube Music Key

Screen 3Although not the most intuitive music streaming service, its undeniable that YouTube easily has the largest catalogue of content on its site.
Over the years YouTube has made small steps for its music lovers, but in a recent leak, it appears YouTube are gearing up for a huge overhaul in developing a new unlimited music streaming service. It was reported a service may be on the horizon a couple of months ago, when YouTube began talking to record labels, where smaller indie labels’ not willing to play ball were to be axed off the site.

Google’s been hard at work recently in preparation, adding “over 20 million high-quality tracks – complete albums, organized into artist discographies” specifically for ‘YouTube Music Key’.
YouTube Music Key will be partnering with Google Play Music Key (both owned by Google) to create ‘Google Play Music All Access’ for US$9.99 (about £6) per month, with a free 30-day trail. With similar features to match Spotify, unlimited, ad-free, background audio and offline playback.