Top 10 most subscribed official artist channels on YouTube 2020

Here are the top ten all-time most subscribed official artist channels around the world on YouTube in 2020, all with at least 30 million subscribers.

1 Justin Bieber

1. Justin Bieber

57.5 million subscribers

3 Marshmello

3. Marshmello

48.9 million subscribers

4 Ed Sheeran

4. Ed Sheeran

45.7 million subscribers

5 EminemMusic

5. EminemMusic

44.6 million subscribers

6 Ariana Grande

6. Ariana Grande

43.4 million subscribers

7 Taylor Swift

7. Taylor Swift

40.0 million subscribers

8 Katy Perry

8. Katy Perry

38.7 million subscribers



38.1 million subscribers

10 Alan Walker

10. Alan Walker

36.7 million subscribers

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