r/MusicBattlestations is a treasure trove of amazing musician and producer set ups, here are our favourites.

There’s something about being a music fan that makes you want to see a musician’s set-up, whether that be a home studio or even a record collection. Thankfully on Reddit, there is a wide variety of subreddits to follow that boasts a diverse and impressive range of music set-ups. One said subreddit is the excellent r/MusicBattlestations, a place where musicians and producers show off their home recording stations. This is similar to the PC-orientated subreddit r/Battlestations.

We went through r/MusicBattlestations to bring you what we feel is the very best of the subreddit. Get ready to be dazzled by new and exciting tech in stunning places around the world, from cosy retro nooks to futuristic setups.

Some pretty futeristic sounds coming from this Space Oddysy set up

A pure retro fantasy

Beleive it or not, this is in the back of a van.

The most ideal home set up perhaps?

This reddit user brought the studio to his home!

One of the most cosiest set ups we’ve seen

This station is ready for battle!

Hard to believe this is in someones house!

An excellent example of a minimilist city scape set up

Is this a superhero’s lair or a home studio?