Download this free soft clipper plugin with a peak display and saturation dials

Initial Clipper from Initial Audio is a free VST/AU effect plugin that will prevent your audio signal from going above zero decibels.

Thenatan release Tape Piano 2, a lo-fi piano-keys VST, for just $29.50

Suited for lo-fi, chill and hip-hop music, Thenatan Tape Piano 2’s intro price is currently discounted by $50.

Sound like Drake with this discounted plugin – 75% off, currently $12.50!

This effect plugin from Thenatan gives you that 40/Drake underwater sound, perfect for producing downtempo hip-hop and R&B beats.

Instantly beef up your sounds with Aden’s new BIGGIFIER effect plugin

One knob, five ways to get a big, fat sound using BIGGIFIER from WA Production and Jonas Aden.

The best VST Effects Racks for digitally chaining your plugins

The magic of digital music is that it allows us to do what once would’ve cost thousands and required whole rooms worth of space. Huge effects racks? Just load one up mate. If you’re into…

Minihost Modular (Beta): Standalone VST or AU Plugin

Minihost Modular (Beta): Standalone VST or AU Plugin from the makers of FL Studio.