Audioshake uses A.I. to separate a mix-down into stems

With a single audio file, Audioshake uses artificial intelligence to isolate the vocals, drums, guitar, bass and other instruments.

How to export stems in FL Studio – a guide

Want to make stems of your tracks in FL Studio? Let’s break down the process of exporting separate tracks for mixing, mastering, or to use in your other music production projects.

Create stems from any stereo audio file, free from Deezer

Deezer have just unexpectedly launched an amazing and powerful tool that they’re letting anyone use completely free of charge. Deezer have announced ‘Spleeter’, their new free tool that can split stereo recordings into stem files….

Native Instruments’ Stem Files Get Exciting Support Update

Native Instruments have released a free update that expands support for their Stem audio files. Native Instruments (NI) launched Stems last year, a unique audio file that splits up the components of a track. It…

Stems – The ‘Next-Gen’ Audio Format For DJs

Native Instruments want to give DJs and remixers more control over their tracks with their new audio format; Stem. Stem’s song files can contain four split track elements (For example: Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals)…