How much does Spotify cost per month?

What different Spotify price plans are available, and how much are they?

Can anyone upload to Spotify?

Yep! With RouteNote’s free distribution, any artist or label of any size or genre can upload an unlimited amount of music to Spotify.

Does it cost to upload to Spotify?

Is it free to upload to Spotify? Yes, as long as you have a music distributor you can trust.

Spotify celebrates 7 years of their K-Pop Daebak playlist

Spotify launched their K-pop playlist back in September 2014. Today K-Pop Daebak has pulled in millions of followers and billions of streams.

Can I earn money from Spotify?

The answer is yes, and you can do so by distributing through RouteNote.

Spotify are offering three months of Premium to new and previous members

New Spotify Premium users can get three months for free, while previous members can get three months for just $9.99.

Top 5 most followed South Korean Artists on Spotify

K-pop is a genre that is dominating across the globe and Spotify is one of the best places to find K-pop artists.

Is Spotify Free really free?

If Spotify free music streaming makes you think there must be a catch, let’s clear things up.

How much money is 1 billion streams?

There are currently over 100 songs on Spotify with over one billion streams, but how much are these artists earning from streaming services.