PRS For Music Announces Record Royalties Payout

The UK-based organisation has announced a record breaking £699.4 million was paid to songwriters and composers in royalties during 2020.

Top songwriters for artists including Ariana Grande demand fair credit for writing hits

Why should artists get paid for songs they didn’t even write? The Pact, a group of US songwriters, is fighting back.

Rocket Songs offers music artists tracks from the world’s best songwriters with new online hub

Take your pick of hidden gems from some of the top music industry songwriters, publishers, and producers on new online music marketplace Rocket Songs.

The NMPA’s boss feels positive streaming rate increases will stay in the US

A recent decision by the US Copyright Royalty Board to increase songwriter’s streaming rates is being appealed but artist representatives and the NMPA remain hopeful. Last year, the US Copyright Royalty Board declared a decision…