Spotify are looking at matching music to photos

Spotify are trying out a whole new method of music discovery by matching the mood and moment of photos to songs, according to reports. There are a lot of tools for music discovery available int…

Spotify introduce layers to your streaming experience with multimedia Spotlight feature

The Spotify experience is getting deeper with Spotlight, a new feature that brings visual accompaniments to your music listening experience. Spotify have launched Spotlight, a feature that introduces photos, videos, and text to their music…

Spotify Buy Visual Platform CrowdAlbum For Artist Promotion

Spotify’s have just bought social media aggregator CrowdAlbum that creates a “visual history” of their performances to help artists market themselves. Spotify announced that they had acquired a new company, CrowdAlbum, yesterday. The company which launched in 2013…

Stock Photo Libraries Anyone Can Use in Their Commercial Projects: Coverarts, Videos and More.

Its not easy to find great stock photos. Within RouteNote we have a stock photo directory for all of our creators, but we thought we would also share that on the blog with the world….

How Do I Get My Own Verified Account on Spotify? Bio and Photo

Have you ever wanted to have your own verified account on Spotify? Well now you can! Just follow these steps: 1. Set up a Spotify profile You’ll need a normal Spotify profile to get started….