t.akustik LF-D 60 Halifax oak: bass traps for low-end absorption in your home studio

t.akustik’s new LF-D 60 Bass Trap Halifax oak is a bass trap with a specific design for improving room acoustics. You can expect the attennuation of sound reflections between 80 to 500 Hz.

Google launches an instrument tuner – online, free, and it works

Google has just introduced an instrument tuner online that’s right there built into the top of your Google search.

Top 5 Free VST Plugins

Here are the Top 5 Free VST Plugins that you can currently download. I know they aren’t going to be to everyone’s style or taste, but they are free. 1. Sweetcase Sweetcase is a great…

Korg’s Wavestate brings the sound of 90s vector synths back to 2020

Korg have announced the exciting return of one of their shortest lived, yet most influential, synths in a bigger and badder build. Korg’s Wavestation made the unique sounds cemented in time by the X-Files theme…

Get a free Native Instruments plugin for Christmas

Treat yourself to some high quality reverb this holiday period with this great plugin that Native Instruments are giving away for free. Renowned makers of digital music goodies, Native Instruments, are getting into the gifting…

American Airlines drop extra fees for musicians’ equipment

American Airlines have some changes to their music equipment policy that they promise will be “music to the ears of musicians”. American Airline’s have changed their policy regarding sports and music equipment. Whereas before it…

Synthesizers.com Created a New Line of Patch Cables for use with Compact 5U Modular Systems

Synthesizers.com has created a new line of patch cables that are designed for use with compact 5U modular systems. Here’s what they have to say about the new ‘A’ Series cables. The low-profile body is…

Advanced Techniques for Using Serato DJ’s Slicer

Some powerful tips for taking advantage of Serato DJ’s Slicer Mode.

Korg USA launches new merchandise site

Korg USA has launched a new, official merchandise site that features a variety of great, custom Korg-branded items, from shirts and caps, to messenger bags and tablet cases.