What does owning your masters mean?

What does “masters” mean? Let’s explore master recordings and what you need to know about them as an artist.

Concord Affiliate Buys Over 145 Thousand Copyrights Including Work By Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and More

An affiliate of Concord Music Publishing has purchased 145,000 owned and co-published copyrights from Downtown Music Holdings.

CEO of NMPA criticises Twitch’s blog regarding music copyright claims

After a blog post was published by video live streaming service Twitch, President & CEO of the National Music Publishers’ Association David Israelite responds.

What do the P Line and C Line mean in music copyright?

If you’ve uploaded your music online then you’ve probably come across the P Line and C Line. It’s vital to understand what they mean when releasing your own music. The P Line The P Line,…

Can music copyrights go too far? This one lyric may cost $300 million

Music copyright is a treacherous sea that even the most weathered of captains can have trouble navigating through. Is it too strict? The latest in big-name music lawsuits: Miley Cyrus is being sued for $300…

What’s the difference between “eligible” sound recordings that I can monetize and “ineligible” sound recordings that I can not monetize on YouTube, through RouteNote YouTube Content ID service?

Eligible: You can submit specific tracks to YouTube for revenue collection that: Use only your own material for which you have exclusive rights. Use third-party material for which you have exclusive rights. Ineligible: You can…

How Do I Submit a Copyright Claim or DMCA takedown?

If you believe someone wrongfully distributed music through RouteNote and you are the copyright holder (or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder), please follow the steps below to submit a DMCA…

I don’t know what to put in the ‘C line’.

If this is your own original composition, please just put your name or artist name in the box. If this is a cover, please type all relevant names of the songs’ copyright holders.

Digital Music Copyright – Basics

Understanding Copyright So, you are a songwriter, the second your tune, melody and/or lyrics for a song or work leaves your head and takes the form of something concrete, for example, sheet music, a demo…