Top 10 music streaming platforms by monthly active users

Monthly active users show us how many people (free or premium) are regularly coming back to listen to music on the streaming service.

Pandora’s users continue to drop as SiriusXM publish their Q1 2021 earnings

SiriusXM’s Q1 2021 financial results show Pandora’s continued drop in monthly active users and ad-supported listener hours.

Shazam now has 200m monthly active users, with Apple Music launching a top 100 most Shazamed playlist

Apple announced that Shazam has surpassed 200 million monthly active users worldwide. In celebration, Apple Music launched Top 100 Shazams of All Time. In 2018, Apple acquired music recognition platform Shazam for $400m. During 2018,…

Spotify users LOVE podcasts, double the amount of podcasts being listened to

Spotify’s big push on making podcasts as much a part of their platform as music is working as streaming lovers mix up their listening with podcasts more and more. Spotify have just revealed their Q2…

How has COVID-19 impacted Spotify’s growth in 2020? Q2 results reveal all

Spotify’s long-running global growth doesn’t seem to be slowing and with the huge success of their podcasts their 2020 seems to be unaffected by the global impact of Coronavirus. Spotify have unveiled their second quarter…