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Classic Synth: Yamaha PSR-220

The Yamaha PSR-220 is a synth that always seems to get great reviews. Its a great synth for beginners! Here are the basics: Arranger keyboard 5 octaves, 61 keys with dynamics and lower split 12…

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ROLI make some of the most innovative instruments to come out in recent years. It all began with their ‘Seaboard’ keyboards featuring an entirely pressure sensitive board with responsiveness between keys and plays to every…

The 5 best Black Friday deals on MIDI controllers/keyboards

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Akai’s Mini Play is more than just a MIDI controller

Akai’s new MIDI controller doesn’t just give you power over your software but stands alone as it’s own beast with built-in sounds and speakers. Akai’s MPK Mini Play is a super portable version of “the…