Google Play Music Uploading Comes To ARM-Based Chromebooks

Apple’s iTunes Match is a service that allows you to upload up to 25,000 songs from your music collection to iCloud, then access the tracks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, PC or Apple TV….

SoundCloud For iPad Gets A Fresh Design Interface

SoundCloud for iPad gets the iPhone design look. Six months after the huge design overhaul for SoundCloud on iPhone and Android, the latest update sees these changes on the iPad. The update gives the whole…

Spotify Add Tap And Swipe Features To Their iOS App

Spotify has made some slight upgrades in its user interface, introducing some intelligent swipe and tap features to their iOS app. You can now tap and hold a track for a preview, return to were…

Philips NCL1 – Cut The Headphone Jack, Cut The Power Cable, Keep The Noise-Free/High Quality Audio Flowing

This CES saw Philips announce their newest set of Fidelio cans. NC1L look to be a similar pair to their last year model ML2. Equipped with an Apple Lightning Port, 24-bit digital music is sent…

Apple and Beats Music To Merge

After Apple acquired Beats back in May, it’s often been rumoured whether Apple will bring some sort of streaming platform under the Apple name. Recent reports show Apple will soon brand the Beats Music service…

Music Production – djay 2 for iOS

djay 2 for iOS, offers users a great tool for people wanting the ultimate house party app. It allows users to live mix two tracks, with all the standard DJ features you’d expect. Turntables, waveforms,…

Download Free Spotify iPad App

Spotify just released their most requested feature: The iPad app. I have been using it for the past few days and so far its very slick. What do you think? Was it worth the wait?

Curtis Heavy – The Handheld Granular Synth

When I first discovered the joy granular synthesis, I became so obsessed with it I didn’t make any music that didn’t involve one for about 5 months, a serious hinderance if you are studying for a degree in music composition

Soundrop iPhone App

The interface really is as straight forward as; draw a line, let a ball bounce on it, when the ball hits the line a marimba sample will sound, draw another line, create rhythms and patterns. Before you know it you’ll think you’re a regular Philip Glass.

OK Go are Running a Facebook Competition and Winners gets Engraved iPad

Ok Go has been receiving a huge amount of press over the last three months and this week is no different. OK Go won a Webby award for their online videos and now they are…