Instagram improves the visibility of your next live stream with ‘Live in Profiles’

Announced by the Head of Instagram in a new video, a scheduled Instagram Live will now be displayed on your profile.

Instagram expand badges in Live, enabling all eligible creators to generate an income

Badges in Instagram Live are a way for creators to earn money from fans who want to tip creators and increase their visibility.

Instagram will likely allow live streamers to add a moderator soon

According to a leaker on Twitter, Instagram are working on letting users “Add a Moderator” to manage comments during live streams.

How to schedule Instagram Live streams

Instagram have launched Live Scheduling, allowing you to plan, promote and prepare for upcoming broadcasts.

Instagram are extending the live stream limit to four hours

Previously restricted to just one hour, Instagram Live are now allowing streams of up to four hours and allowing users to archive live streams. Instagram are targeting other live streaming platforms such as Twitch and…

Facebook streamers can soon charge for their livestreams

Livestreaming artists rejoice as you’ll soon have one more option for where to earn for your home concerts. Livestreaming was already huge before the world went into various levels of lockdown. Now it’s a huge…