Record label Beggars Banquet clarify Gary Numan’s streaming claims

Gary Numan recently claimed to only get £37 from more than a million streams but one of his label’s has clarified that those figures aren’t as simple as they sound.

Get Gary Numan’s Unique Synth Sounds With These Patches

[youtube] These 45 unofficial Gary Numan patches sound amazing and recreate the familiar spacey tones of the electronic music innovator’s many moogs and synths. Programmed by Matt Jessup these patches will be available soon…

Gary Numan Performing His Classic Hit Cars on Cars

We came across this amazing tv comercial via Dvice and Boingboing. The ad is for DieHard batteries and it features 24 cars and Gary Numan. Obviously Gary Numan plays his classic track Cars, but this time by actually using cars.

Nine Inch Nails Live With Gary Numan in London

Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails band mates recently performed in London, with 80’s music icon Gary Numan. Numan is best known for being a new wave pioneer with his synthesized tunes. Reznor released…