Coldplay Christmas Single To Be Released

They’ve been talking about it for over a year, but the wait is finally over. On December 1st, nobody’s favourite band Coldplay will release their much hyped Christmas single ‘Christmas Lights’.

The People’s Artist Chart

Those of you not lucky [Ha ha] enough to live in the UK may have missed this Easter Monday’s broadcast of The People’s Artist Chart on the Beeb. Based on plays reported to Phonographic Performance…

Coldplay Visits The Simpsons in Springfield

Coldplay has dropped in to visit The Simpsons. On the show the band plays Viva. Coldplay on the Simpsons from Coldplay on Vimeo.

Jay-Z Signs Ting Tings To His Record Label Roc Nation

It has been reported that British pop duo, The Ting Tings have signed with Jay-Z and his record label Roc Nation. What’s funny is that they report this as the duo’s big chance to make…

Top 20 Artists on Facebook According to Amount of Fans

Over at MusicAlly they have put together a great list of the top 20 bands on Facebook according to their popularity. 20 most popular music artist fan pages from the chart though, and they are…

Did Coldplay Steal a Track From Joe Satriani For Their New Album

There has been a lot of reports that a song in the new Cold Play album was plagarised from a Joe Satriani song. Ill let you be the judge below.