Audible are making audiobooks free to keep self-isolators entertained

With so many people around the world locking down, working from home and self-isolating Amazon are offering up free audiobooks to everyone. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen shut downs across the world and the US…

Amazon won’t keep you in the dark with Audible credits anymore

Sick of losing your credits before you buy a new audiobook with them? Audible want to get you listening more giving you more time to decide. As someone who doesn’t use Audible the fact that…

Audible is back on Sonos to stream audiobooks around your house

Amazon have brought their audiobook app back to Sonos speaker systems for a wireless, quality listening experience with your books. It’s been two years since Audible was last working on Sonos speakers but an update…

Amazon Audible’s new feature takes the audiobook platform into new territory

Amazon and their audiobook market Audible are adding ‘Channels’, introducing original short form spoken content and 2nd-party recordings. Channels will be available as it’s own store, or available to¬†Audible users will have access to it….

Does RouteNote distribute audiobooks?

RouteNote cannot deliver audiobooks content to iTunes or the other stores. An audiobook is a recording of a published text being read. is the company that has exclusive right to distribute audiobook content.