The 10 Most Expensive Vinyl Records Ever Sold

Ever wondered how much a vinyl record could be worth? You may be surprised at how much some records are worth.

The 10 best festive electronic tunes for a merry litmas

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Aphex Twin’s son special guest features on new track

Electronic music pioneer and twisted genius Aphex Twin experimented with creating a track using only Korg instruments and tech. Aphex Twin, real name Richard D. James, has joined up with Korg to create a new…

Is Aphex Twin’s teased new Cheetah EP a synth?

Various record stores have received an advertisement for Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP, but it seems like it might not be a record and instead a synthesiser… A new poster teasing “New Product Information” is causing confused…

Aphex Twin Working on a New Album

It is rumoured that Aphex Twin is working on a new album. Aphex Twin is from the same part of the UK as RouteNote, so its great to see a local boy still at the top of his game. No release date is as yet confirmed, but reports suggest that Warp have signed Mr Richard David James for another album – almost 10 years after the release of Drukqs.