Sony Ericsson Motion Activated Headphones

Sony Ericsson have released a new set of revolutionary (their words not the worlds) headphones that are activated solely on your body contact with them, named the MH907’s.

Using Sony Ericsson’s patented “SensMe” technology, you can remove one ear-bud to pause your music to then answer or end a phone conversation, pull them both out to stop and playback, and put them both in to start again. On top of that, you can’t accidentally answer your phone if its bumped in your bag while the headphones are in. The concept seems to fit nicely into a world that’s a fan of becoming quicker and smoother all the time, but the main problem is that you must own a  Sony Ericsson phone with a “Fast port” connector. Ericsson it would appear are trying to shift more handsets off the back of some new headphones that cost 40 Euros extra. To expensive, not compatible enough me thinks. The Ericsson site does offer a short description about and around the new headphones but doesn’t fully explain anywhere exactly how compatible with other handsets the headphones will be. With an equally vague promo video.

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