SongBeat: The New Music Piracy Tool That Will End Up Closing Soon Enough!

In the current climate P2P and Bittorrent file sharing isnt seen as illegal in all countries, but overall it has to be the biggest threat on the music industry because of its nature.

Songbeat has launched a new version of their service which seems to be taking piracy to a new level.

It’s a desktop app that lets users search for music on Seeqpod, Project Playlist, and other sites, and then download the files and import them into iTunes or Windows Media Player, or burn them as a CD. It’s free in its basic edition, which only allows 25 downloads, but users have to pay €19.99 for the premium version to download as much as they want.

This has to be illegal! They are now a company that is profiting directly from piracy. Not according to Songbeat: “The downloading of music is not fundamentally illegal. However, it lies in the hands of the user to discern whether or not they have the right to download the particular music file at hand.” Even Musically thinks this’ll end up in court.
(via TechCrunch)

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    You’re so right. It’s quite amusing that in their own Ts & Cs (well, to be fair, the non-binding English translation) they even say “You may not, under any circumstances, reproduce, **record**, publish, publicly exhibit, or distribute any media files”.

    In Germany downloading of music is only allowed, if the source of the files are legal. The sources of the songs of the Songbeat player are not legal. So Songbeats downloadservice is not legal.

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