Jingle Cats[Edit: Merry Christmas – stop reading blogs and go eat some turkey]

Artist Name: JINGLE CATS

Genre: Holiday


A long time ago in the frosty North Pole, nine kittens were born on Christmas Eve at Santa’s house. Mrs. Claus found them on the porch. They were very hungry and she gave them some milk. The mother was nowhere to be found. Mrs. Claus brought them into the house and set them down in front of the Elves. They mewed and purred with joy because they had been outside quite a long time. When Santa came home from delivering gifts to all the good girls and boys he put on a Christmas record and an amazing thing occured. The Jingle Cats began to sing along with the music. Everyone laughed and cheered and the Jingle Cats brought joy to the entire North Pole that year. Now, with each Christmas, the Jingle Cats ride with Santa on his sleigh and sing songs along the way. Many ordinary cats can hear them even when they are high above the clouds. All cats know about the Jingle Cats and they look out their windows for them each Christmas. If your cat winks in your eyes you will know that he has seen the Jingle Cats riding high. Oh what a joyful sound.

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