EarpodsEarphones come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, so choosing the one for you, that fit your ear, is near impossible. Earphones have attempted time and time again to create the ideal shape that fits everyone’s ears, but none have seen true success.

The company NORMAL have come up with a fantastic idea they believe will truly overcome this issue. In simple, there product is customized earphones, that perfectly fit the individuals ear. Potentially an expensive, time-consuming and complicated plan, but NORMAL have come up with the answer.

Problem 1: Scanning each buyers ears
Solution: This can be done for free, from home. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store. The app will take you through the photo-taking/ear-scanning process with the help of a coin for size accuracy.

Problem 2: Cost for a one-time produced item
Solution: 3D printing. With printers and printed products seen increasing everyday, it’s a fantastic tool for making low-cost, one-off products at a relatively fast rate.

Black NORMALOnce scanning the ear is complete, it’s time to add your own creativity to the product. Cord length and colour can be adjusted to suite. You can choose from a number of colours to make YOUR headphones truly yours.

With all the standard features you’d expect from high end earphones. A three button controller allows you to play, pause, answer calls and adjust volume. With the gold plated jack, this allows for a high quality connection.

Purchases are made through the app for $199 (Approx. £116.25), and their claims of 48 hours time from purchase to door is certainly appetizing. Their app ‘NRML’ is currently only available in the US, but with the advert gaining huge interest in a number of days, it’s clear to see, the product is gaining much interest and world wide production and shipping would be muchly appreciated.

For $199, this places them at the high-end range of earphones, but with this level of complexity and customization it seems a great price. The video and app have only been up for a day, so no-one outside the company has had a chance to test or review these earphones, so only time will tell on the true quality.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tmhdOfIEqU&w=640&h=360]