KnobCloud claim to be “The first dedicated marketplace for audio production software licenses.”

KnobCloud allow sellers to list their unused audio software licenses on the database, and buyers to browse, search and purchase discounted plugins.

The site is free to use, with KnobCloud requiring no subscription or fees for transfers. KnobCloud hope to monetize the site through ads. Some items have a transfer fee of a set price or percentage or the regular list price. These are issued by the original developer. KnobCloud list all of the seller fees, buyer fees and transfer info needed by major developers. Be sure to check this before listing any plugins to ensure you are legally allowed to transfer ownership. If the required developer is not listed here, contact them first.

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Some example of plugins on the site include:

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An interesting idea to potentially save a buck or two on plugins, and get rid of bundled plugins you don’t need, but not 100% risk free.

Most payments are managed through PayPal, which offer both buyers and sellers with some level of protection, however there will undoubtable be fraudsters lurking on the site, so take care.